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【论文】Mingpeng Huang、鞠冬(通讯作者)、 Kai Chi Yam、 Shengming Liu、Xin Qin、Guangdi Tian:“Employee Humor Can Shield Them from Abusive Supervision”
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Mingpeng Huang、鞠冬(通讯作者)、 Kai Chi Yam、 Shengming Liu、Xin Qin、Guangdi Tian,“Employee Humor Can Shield Them from Abusive Supervision”,Journal of Business Ethics(FT50),published online: 26 August 2022,

Abstract:Drawing upon conservation of resources theory, we develop and test a theoretical model that specifies how and when  employee humor toward leaders affects leader abusive supervision. We propose that employee humor is negatively associated with leader abusive supervision via leader relational energy. Furthermore, the negative indirect relationship between  employee humor and leader abusive supervision via leader relational energy is stronger for female leaders than for male leaders. An experiment and a multi-wave, multi-source field study provide substantial support for our hypotheses. Our fndings contribute to the abusive supervision literature by identifying employee humor as a safe and effective bottom-up approach to prevent leader abusive supervision.