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BNU Business School PhD Program in English
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Time :BNU Business School PhD Program in English


1. Introduction of BNUBS

As one of the earliest economic management schools established in China’s normal universities, BNU Business School (BNUBS) passed EQUIS international certification in 2016 and ranks among the top 1% of elite business schools in the world. Relying on the over 100 years’ history and culture of BNU, BNUBS has developed into an important personnel training and scientific research base in China’s economics and business management disciplines over the past 40 years. According to the latest discipline evaluation rankings of the Ministry of Education, the theoretical economics of BNUBS ranks the fifth among the same disciplines in China. As one of the earliest business schools in China offering a full-English international Master’s degree program, BNUBS has extensive experience and advantages in terms of faculty, learning resources, student management, and services in cultivating international students. The Full-English International Master Program of “World Economy and China” launched in 2011 has greatly promoted and improved BNUBS’s English-language curriculum and the quality of international students’ cultivation.

Based on the demand of international talent market, BNUBS’s international students’ cultivation has always applied diversified teaching methods, attached importance to the theory and practice, and adopted a teaching method combining classroom teaching, independent learning, practical learning, case discussions, and academic salons, cultivating many high-level international professionals with a good foundation in economics, international perspective and understanding of China’s society and culture.


2. Program Introduction

With the continuous deepening of economic globalization, the Belt and Road Initiative has built a new platform for the cooperation and development of all countries in the world, creating a new pattern of global economic development. In today’s world, while promoting the economic and social development of mankind, the flow of capital, technology, information, and people across borders has brought about many problems and challenges, posing a request for cooperation of all countries to cope with them. The new development concepts and international talents who understand international development theory and have practical knowledge are urgently needed. To comply with this new development, better participate in international education competition, effectively link domestic and foreign high-quality education resources and give greater play to the role of existing international school-running and scientific research resources, BNUBS launches the “International Development” Ph.D. program (full-English), highlighting features, moulding brands, vigorously promoting and building high-level international student education programs and further enhancing BNUBS’s domestic and international influence.

The program aims to cultivate versatile talents with a global vision, sense of innovation and deep economic literacy, who can engage in international exchanges and political and economic activities, adapt to the complex political, economic, social, policy, cultural and legal environment of the world, communicate across cultures and serve in multinational companies, government departments, international organizations and related fields.


3. Application Requirements

(1) Non-Chinese citizens who hold valid foreign passports;

(2)Being friendly with China, and well-behaved; obeying China’s government laws and BNUBS’s rules and regulations and respecting Chinese’ customs and habits;

(3) Ph.D. degree applicants should have a master’s degree or equivalent master’s degree;

(4) This program, taught in English, requires applicants to be proficient in English or to use English as a second language. It is recommended to attach relevant certificates to prove the English level;

(5)Applicants should be in good health and health certificates issued by local public hospitals should be provided; Applicants should not have: diseases prohibited by China’s laws and regulations; serious chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes; mental illness or epidemics which might seriously threaten public hygiene. Applicants should not be in the recovery phase of major surgery or acute illness, with severe disability or in pregnancy.


4. Program Duration and Tuition

Duration: 3 years

Tuition: RMB 98000 (3 years)


5. Courses and Language Requirements

All courses in this program are taught in English and the teaching model combines classroom teaching, independent learning, case discussion, social practice and academic salons. Applicants’ Chinese level is not required but those from non-English-speaking countries are required to submit officially accredited English proficiency certificates, such as TOFEL, IELTS and etc.


6. Dissertation and Dissertation Defense

Doctoral dissertations are required to be completed independently in English with the mentors’ guidance. (Typeface: Times New Roman, type size: 12 fonts, 1.5-fold line spacing, and at least 80,000 words). The dissertation deliberation and defense will be organized by BNUBS and seriously complied with BNU’s degree granting rules and instructions and requirements by other universities.

The degree program is based on the first-level discipline of theoretical economics. Students could obtain a diploma and a doctor’s degree in economics after: completing the course credits and compulsory courses required by the program within the stipulated period of time, obtaining the minimum credits required, passing the exams, completing the dissertation and passing the dissertation defense and the review by the academic degree assessment committee of the degree-granting unit.

Within the maximum length of school years prescribed by BNU, students can apply for a doctor’s degree for at most two times. Postponed doctoral students should pay tuition as required by BNU and when they apply for a degree for the second time, they must bear the costs of dissertation detection, review, and defense.


7. Application Procedure

I. Application Eligibility

1) Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens holding a foreign passport under 50 years old;

2) Applicants should be in good health and character and respect Chinese customs andhabits , willing to abide by both Chinese Law & Regulations and School Rule & Regulations;

3) Applicants for Doctoral Degrees should hold a qualification which is equivalent (or above) to a Master's Degree from a Chinese university;

4) Applicants who are non-native English speakers should provide a certificate of their English proficiency. For details, please refer to the related program information.

II. Application Period

*Suggested Application Time: December 1st –May 30th, time may varies upon ISO calendar every year.)

*For Scholarship Application, the period is subject to the scholarship application period.

(Please note the date here means the day that application materials are mailed or sent in person to BNU International Students Office.)

III. Application Materials

Applicants must first visit and complete the online application procedure, and complete the payment of the registration fee. Detailed information about how to apply could be found on the web page: .

Please submit the following application materials by May 30th directly to the International Students Office of Beijing Normal University (Room 9910 Jingshi Building, No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing).

1) BNU Application Form for International Student (on completion of the online application form it must be downloaded and printed. Please stick the photo and ensure that the application form is signed by the applicant and his/her guarantor.

2)  Recommendation letters from two associate professors or scholars with higher academic titles. There is no specified format for the recommendation letters and all letters must be signed by the referee.

3) Completed Personal Statement Form (Master's course transcripts, original or notarized documents (in Chinese or English), abstracts of master's thesis)

(4) The original English-language proof materials from non-native English applicants;

(5) The registration fee is 600 yuan, online payment or cash payment (Note: applicants who apply for scholarships must also pay the registration fee);

(6) One passport size photo (excluding the photo required for the application form, please write your name on the back of the photo and apply for the department);

(7) 2 copies of the passport, the passport must be a valid ordinary passport;

(8) Published academic papers, patents obtained or other research results (original or photocopy).

New graduates may not provide proof of graduation and degree, but must provide proof of graduation at the school. If admitted, it must be paid at the time of enrollment. If it is not available, it will be disqualified.


Pakistan applicants please refer to: "Notes""26

If you are interested in this PhD program or have any questions in your application, please find contact information below. We are looking forward to further conversations with you.


Tel: +86-10-58800307 (CHI/ENG)


International Students’ Office

Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00-11:30, 14:00-17:30

Address: Beijing Normal University, Room 9910 Jingshi Building, No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing