Academic Events
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At Maxdo, students have the opportunity to attend lectures and participate seminars with renowned scholars as well as experts from enterprises and the government. Students are also able to visit large corporations and embassies and to participate in advanced academic conferences and forums. These activities not only stimulate students’ interest in study, but also expand their intellectual horizons and enhance their abilities in general practices.

College students visit zhongguancun Internet education innovation center



Students visit tencent headquarters in Beijing



The undergraduate students of 2018 went to hanergy holding group for investigation and study



Hong tak lecture series (phase 2)


The lecture series of "Beijing economic management - famous lecturers" was successfully held



Lecture 3 of the alumni forum for the 40th anniversary of the school of economics and management of Beijing normal university was successfully held



2017 hande business simulation challenge competition was successfully held


Maxdo International Economics Celebrity Forum: The Future of Work



Lecture: Cooperation in Gains and Losses



Seminar on Sustainable Development of the BRICS -- International Trade Investment and Cooperation