BNUBS Held 2022 Annual Summary and Work Presentation Conference
Time :2023-02-17

On February 15, 2023, the 2022 Annual Summary and Work Presentation Conference of BNUBS was successfully held in the 9406 conference room of JINGSHI HOTEL. The Party and government team members of the School would respectively conduct the 2022 annual work summary and report. The meeting was presided over by President Qi Yudong.

Secretary Sun Zhijun first made his report on work and personal performance the School Party Committee. In 2022, the Party Committee of the School has thoroughly studied, propagandized and implemented the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new Era, the spirits of The 20th CPC National Congress and the spirits of letters in Reply. We have also implemented the Party's line, principles and policies as well as the decisions and arrangements of the superiors, deeply understood the significance of the "Two Establishes", constantly strengthened the "Four Consciousnesses", "Four-sphere Confidence", and resolutely achieve the "Two Upholds". The Party Committee of the School was successfully replaced, and the standardization of the grass-roots Party organizations were continuously strengthened. We strictly implemented the ideological work responsibility system and strengthened the management of various ideological positions and the security and stability of the School. We have carried out a series of activities on teacher theory learning and teacher ethics education, and many teachers have been honored as national high-level talents and Outstanding Teachers of Beijing. New achievements have been made in the development of teachers. We have implemented various policies and requirements on epidemic prevention and control, and steadily carried out daily management and services for teachers and students. Sun Zhijun also gave a report and explanation on the School's finance, personnel, publicity, retirement work, system construction and performance reward distribution plan. Sun Zhijun finally pointed out that in the New Year, the Party Committee of the BNUBS will adhere to the political construction as the leader, promote the deep integration of party construction and business work, to ensure that the work of the School to a new level.


Party Secretary Sun Zhijun made a report on his work

Entrusted by Associate Dean Zhang Pingan, Associate Dean Cui Xuegang reported the talent training work of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs on his behalf. A series of achievements have been made in the talent training in 2022, and efforts have been made to overcome the impact of the epidemic, ensure the orderly development of teaching, and meticulously organize the revision of the talent training program for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

Cui Xuegang reported the work of MBA education, international certification, internal control and so on. In order to cope with the multi-faceted challenges facing MBA education, the School seeked progress while maintaining stability, constantly improved the quality and brand influence of MBA education, and made new breakthroughs in the "four major functions" of talent training, discipline construction, practiced connection and resource pooling, but also faced some new challenges. In terms of international certification, the School has successfully passed EQUIS reaccreditation and obtained AACSB accreditation qualification, and is advancing AACSB formal accreditation in a comprehensive and orderly way. The School has continuously strengthened the construction of internal control and further improved its ability to deal with risks.



Associate Dean Cui Xuegang made a report of his work


  Cai Hongbo, Associate Dean , summarized the work of discipline construction, scientific research and internationalization. The School's three first-level disciplines of Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics and Business Administration have made steady progress in the fifth round of Subject Assessment by the Ministry of Education and The Times International Rankings. On the basis of continuing to run the Beijing economic management forum and youth salon, and overcoming the impact of the epidemic, more than 10 international and domestic academic forums have been held in conjunction with the 120th anniversary of the university. The faculty continued to maintain a high level of development by publishing papers in top journals at home and abroad, and have made remarkable achievements in national topics. A number of think tank achievements have won positive comments from central leaders. International exchanges and cooperation have diversified and accelerated to a higher level.


Associate Dean Cai Hongbo made a report about his work


  Associate Secretary Jiang Jie reported on teachers' ideological and political work in Party building, teacher recruitment, trade union activities and financial technology professional construction. We continued to adhere to the normal and institutionalized management of teacher ethics and style education. The party building of teachers is combined with the cultivation of talents and the construction of teaching staff to help the steady progress of the work of teacher talents. The union of the School actively carried out various kinds of acquisition to enrich the spare time life of the faculty. The training objectives of the fintech major have become clearer, and new achievements have been made in the professional construction.


  Associate Secretary Jiang Jie made a report about her work


Associate Secretary Han Lili made a detailed report on student work, alumni work and daily administrative work. In the aspect of student work, all kinds of theoretical learning and thematic education have been steadily carried out, and are deeply integrated with social practices such as volunteer service, volunteer teaching research and labor education. Regular work such as academic counseling, psychological education, career development, sports and sports activities, and rights and interests service has been steadily advanced. The student and staff team and various students have won a number of organizational and individual commendations and awards in competitions. Alumni work continued, and the spirit of management continued through rich alumni forums and interviews. The professional level of daily administrative work has been continuously improved, and the campus safety and various safety bottom lines have been maintained during the epidemic. Finally, Han Lili made a personal report from the aspects of building ideology, protecting stability, promoting development, improving ability, improving service and keeping discipline.


  Associate Secretary Han Lili made a report about her work


Dean Qi Yudong made a comprehensive summary of the administrative work in 2022. Since last year, the School has adhered to the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the Spirit of Party's 20th National Congress, closely focused on the education and teaching center, based on the work position, solid performance of duties, and forge ahead with innovation. Under the leadership of the university Party Committee and administration, and with the support of all teachers and students, the School has planned, formulated and implemented the annual work plan and key work, coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and career development, carried out daily work in an orderly manner, carried out high-quality personnel training, high-level discipline construction, high-level teaching and research, high-quality teacher team construction, and constantly innovated the management mechanism. To improve the management efficiency, the School has achieved good results in all aspects of undertakings.


Dean Qi Yudong made a report about his work


  After the meeting, all the teachers of the School evaluated the party and government team and its members from five aspects: morality, ability, diligence, performance and integrity.

Provided by Office of the School

Edited by Wang Wei

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun