“Live in the Moment”: BNUBS MBA Entrepreneurship Competition Kick-off Meeting Was Successfully Held
Time :2022-10-28

   In order to fulfill the mission of BNUBS of "Promoting business and culture to serve the nation and the world through creating knowledge and educating talents", further expand the influence of the MBA brand of BNUBS, build a career development activity platform for MBA students, the launching ceremony of “Live in the Moment”: BNUBS MBA Entrepreneurship Competition Kick-off Meeting was successfully held in the form of offline preaching and online live broadcasting. It was successfully held at 7pm on October 23, 2022.




The competition was organized by MBA Education Center of BNUBS, organized by MBA Association of Beijing Normal University, MBA Entrepreneurship Club of Beijing Normal University, and co-organized by Jingshi New Media Center. Cui Xuegang, Associate Dean of BNUBS; Li Jing, Associate Director of MBA Education Center; Song Yuming, Director of the Judging Committee of "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Student Entrepreneurship Competition; Cheng Hao, judge; Li Qi, CEO of Zhongke Qisheng and Partner of Mofai Capital; and the presidium of the 14th Beijing Normal University MBA Association attended the launching ceremony. The launch event was hosted by Zhou Jianghua, Associate Director of MBA Education Center. More than 100 students attended the event both online and offline.


   At the kickoff meeting, Associate Dean Cui Xuegang first explained the original intention, purpose and requirements of the entrepreneurship competition, and guided the students to seek innovation paths from technological products or social services. He stressed that MBA education is to cultivate business leaders, and encouraged students to integrate classroom knowledge and work experience into innovation and entrepreneurship. Under the impact of the digital economy and the world epidemic, it explores the operation management of enterprises in human resources, education operation, financial audit and other dimensions.





   Mr. Song Yuming, a famous investor and the director of the Judging Committee of "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, introduced the development process, goals and achievements of the competition, and also shared with you all the successful entrepreneurship cases he has seen since he served as the judge. He emphasized the importance of business plan, market influence, financial analysis and development strategy in the process of starting a business, warned the students to "shape the entrepreneurial spirit, breed the entrepreneurial results, select the entrepreneurial project, find the entrepreneurial team, cultivate the entrepreneurial thinking, exercise the entrepreneurial skills", and expressed the hope that through this competition to explore the team and project with entrepreneurial dreams.





   Mr. Cheng Hao, the initiator of Zhuangyou Grand Canal and the expert judge of "Challenge Cup" Chinese College Student Business Plan Competition, briefly analyzed the two status quo of starting a business: "Want to make money but can't make money, want to realize the project but can't realize", and led everyone to know the whole process of starting a business "three kinds of thinking, four kinds of results, five kinds of opportunities". Among them, three kinds of thinking are service thinking, financial thinking, team thinking; The four outcomes are investment, return to the business, change course, and complete failure; The five kinds of opportunities are resource upgrading, meeting like-minded partners, appropriately imagining the future, liberating oneself under pressure, and tapping one's own potential.





  At the end of the guest speech, Mr. Li Qi, CEO of China Kicsun and partner of Mofei Capital, gave a speech. He believed that "starting a business is only half a step more than others". He used the entrepreneurial story of NiO as an excellent example to teach the successful experience of how to tell a good story in a short time, and shared the entrepreneurial insight of "starting a business with opportunities".





   The second part of the launch meeting is the sharing of students and alumni. In this part, Peng Gen, MBA 2020 alumnus and founder of Beijing Hanhua Feitian Xin 'an Technology Co., Ltd. shared his entrepreneurial experience. Starting from the current situation of the network security industry, which is undergoing unprecedented changes in a century, he analyzed the entrepreneurial environment in the new era from the three aspects of policy, foundation and market. Finally, he shared the significance of focusing on innovation and lean entrepreneurship in the new era with his own stories of programmers, trying to start a network security business, returning to work after the failure of the initiative, and starting a business focusing on data security.





   As a representative of the contestants, Yu Laibin, a student of MBA2021, explained his original intention and desire to participate in the competition. He believed that entrepreneurship is an extraordinary life experience, a brave game full of uncertainty that many people pursue but few people take action. He also expressed that entrepreneurship is a way to create greater value for customers, companies and oneself through sharing people and things around him, and it is the best practice of MBA learning.





  The third part is the schedule introduction of the organizing committee. Wang Xuefeng, president of the Academic Exchange and Career Development Department of the 14th MBA Association of Beijing Normal University, introduced the rules of the competition in detail. Mr. Chang Wenwen, the initiator of the competition and the chairman of the Media Publicity Department of MBA Association of Beijing Normal University, shared the template of writing the Business Plan and the points for attention. At last, the organizing committee of this competition will answer some major questions of the students.


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The MBA Education Center of BNUBS hoped to take this competition as an opportunity to create a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in the School, improve the School's innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, stimulate students' entrepreneurial vitality, cultivate leading talents with daring and entrepreneurial spirit, promote the brand building of the school's MBA program, and train students' entrepreneurial strategic thinking. We aimed to create a platform for students to learn, grow and improve our abilities, and promote our diverse development.


 Live in the momentWe wished this competition a complete success!


Provided by MBA Education Center

Edited by Yu Chen

Reviewed by Cui Xuegang