The Expert Guidance Exchange Meeting of BNUBS on the Accreditation of AACSB Was Held Smoothly
Time :2022-12-21

The expert guidance exchange meeting of BNUBS on the accreditation of AACSB was held smoothly online. Amy Z. Zeng, Dean of Sawyer School of Business, Suffolk University, as an expert recommended by AACSB, provided guidance and communication for our AACSB accreditation. Wang Ming, Assistant to the Principal of Beijing Normal University attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wu Yujun, Director of the International and Exchange Cooperation Department; Ma Dongyao, Deputy director of the Training Department of the Ministry of Educational Affairs; members of the Party and government leadership of BNUBS, members of the Academic Committee, directors of each department (center), and relevant teachers from the International Exchange and International Certification Office attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Qi Yudong, Dean of BNUBS.


Prof. Wang Ming, Assistant to the principal, expressed his welcome and thanks to Dean Amy Z. Zeng on behalf of BNU. He briefly introduced the 120-year development history and the current school-running orientation of the university, focusing on the Global Development Strategic Plan (2020-2025). Wang pointed out that the CPC's 20th National Congress made clear plans for China's high-level opening-up, which provided strong spiritual motivation and policy guarantee for the university's goal of building a world-class university and its global development strategy. As one of the internationally recognized accreditation systems for business schools, the AACSB accreditation enjoys a global reputation. The University strongly supports BNUBS to pass the international accreditation, share and exchange advanced educational ideas and methods with international counterparts, promote construction with certification, further improve the university's quality and international influence and make new contributions to the “Double First-Class construction of BNU and the implementation of the global development strategy.

Figure 1 Wang Ming, Assistant of President of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech

Figure. 2 Qi Yudong, Dean of BNUBS, presided over the meeting

Dean Amy Z. Zeng expressed gratitude to the university and the School for attaching great importance to the AACSB certification work, and then introduced the concept of AACSB certification, AACSB platform resources, the new characteristics of 2020 certification standards and other aspects in detail, especially for the core elements of certification in-depth analysis, and shared their own experience.


Figure. 3 Amy Z. Zeng, AACSB Certified Guidance Specialist, made a speech

Figure 4 Cui Xuegang, Associate Dean of BNUBS, made a speech


Cui Xuegang, Associate Dean of BNUBS, introduced the basic situation of the School and the progress and work plan of AACSB accreditation. Subsequently, the faculty representatives had in-depth communication and exchange with the accreditation guidance experts on how to embody the comprehensive strategic planning, social influence enhancement, teacher classification, the construction of the Assurance of Learning system, the writing of the self-assessment report (iSER) and the next step of the accreditation work plan. Amy Z. Zeng highly praised the foundation of School construction and the phased achievements achieved in the accreditation work of AACSB, and put forward a lot of constructive guidance on the following, patiently answered the questions raised by the teachers at the meeting.

Figure 5 Communication between representatives and experts

Dean Qi Yudong expressed his sincere thanks to Amy Z. Zeng's professional guidance. We hope that through the AACSB accreditation expert guidance exchange meeting, we can accurately grasp the AACSB standards, further promote the development of the international accreditation of BNUBS, timely solve the problems in the accreditation process, in order to promote the construction of the School, the “Double First-Class construction of the School and the promotion of international influence.


[About the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of BusinessAACSB]


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), founded in 1916 in the United States, is the world's largest membership, the longest history, the most comprehensive accreditation content of the business school association. It was first jointly initiated by Harvard University, Cornell University and other 17 well-known university business schools, aiming to promote the schools that have been accredited and applied for accreditation to improve the admission standards of students and the level of teachers and management. Since 1919, the Higher Management Education Certification, referred to as AACSB accreditation, has been implemented. On the basis of the EQUIS accreditation in 2016, BNUBS successfully passed the AACSB accreditation application in July 2022, and began to enter the formal accreditation stage.


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