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5月10日数字经济与管理系学术讲座 | The Effect of Social Crowdedness on Customers' Purchase Decisions: An Empirical Investigation
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题  目:The Effect of Social Crowdedness on Customers' Purchase Decisions: An Empirical Investigation

时  间:2023年5月10日(星期三),14:00-15:30

地  点:京师大厦9406

主讲人:孙亚程 教授(清华大学经济管理学院)

主持人:龚诗阳 副教授(北京师范大学beat365在线登录)

摘要:In-store social crowdedness is an indispensable contextual component that shapes customers’ offline shopping experience, yet findings regarding the effect of social crowdedness have been primarily derived from laboratory settings, mixed, and focused on customer purchases alone. Leveraging smart traffic counters installed at 1,800 brick-and-mortar stores across the malls of a large property group in China, we accurately calibrate social crowdedness at the store-and-hour level. We also precisely track those customers, who are members with the malls (rather than a particular store/brand), across their visits to different stores in the same shopping trip. These two uniqueness in the data allow us to greatly advance the investigation into the effects of social crowdedness on consumers’ offline shopping behaviors from their in-store purchases alone, to their decisions at three distinct stages: prior to, during and after a store visit. We find that overall, in-store social crowdedness leads to more store visits and sales, and creates some substitution between consecutive shopping trips, i.e., customers are likely to extend their current trips, while postponing the next ones after experiencing a high level of crowdedness. Furthermore, while more members are drawn to stores with higher levels of crowdedness, the boosted sales are contributed mainly by members with low membership status (and to a larger extent, non-members), and the substitution effect manifests also primarily on members with the lowest membership status. Finally, there is suggestive evidence that younger, male, and members with longer tenure contribute more than their counterparts within stores as the level of crowdedness increases, however, the substitution effect is homogeneous across these member groups. These findings together shed light on the holistic effects of social crowdedness during and across customers’ shopping trips, and provide rich managerial implications for context-based marketing.



   孙亚程教授主要研究领域为大数据营销、互联网平台营销、定价策略和顾客关系管理。在国际管理/营销顶级期刊Operations Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Research, Harvard Business Review上发表多篇论文。研究成果被Marketing Science编委会选为当期首发文章,INFORMS媒体推介文章,被美国营销科学学会(American Marketing Association)选为荐读论文。研究成果被《哈佛商业评论》、《多伦多星报》、《赫芬顿邮报》、《每日邮报》、《印度时报》、美国全国广播公司(NBC News)、加拿大广播公司(CBC News)、、EurekAlert!、ScienceDaily、Lab Manager、Consumer Affairs、Analytics Magazine等多家媒体报道。担任营销科学学报、International Journal of advertising编委。