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10月26日经济系学术讲座 | A Unified Theory of Competition
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【题  目】A Unified Theory of Competition

【时  间】2022年10月26日(星期三),15:30-17:00

【地  点】腾讯会议ID:176-119-070

【主讲人】刘熙莹 特聘研究员(武汉大学经济与管理学院)

【主持人】刘  盼 副教授(北京师范大学beat365在线登录)


摘要:Symmetry is a central assumption of Chamberlin’s model of monopolistic competition. It gives rise to monopolies rather than oligopolies, both in its determinist (Dixit and Stiglitz, 1977) and stochastic (Melitz 2003) versions. We relax this assumption. As a result, and depending on strategic considerations, entering firms may choose to engage in face-to-face competition rather than create their own variety. The extended model provides a tractable unified general equilibrium theory of oligopolistic competition, allows for endogenous product differentiation, and includes monopolistic and perfect competition as special cases. We characterize the free entry equilibrium, under Bertrand and Cournot competition respectively, and the efficient and constrained efficient allocations. We demonstrate the advantages of our unified approach by generalizing some existing results, challenging others, and shedding new light on several long-standing economic issues, such as the Kaldor-Chamberlin controversy, the competitive effects of trade, and the strengths and weaknesses of monopolistic competitive models.



刘熙莹,武汉大学经济与管理学院特聘研究员、副教授。2015年毕业于爱荷华州立大学经济系。主要研究方向包括宏观视角与经济增长框架下的人口与收入、财富不平等,以及市场竞争模式(完全竞争、垄断、寡头)。文章发表于Journal of Monetary Economics, Theoretical Economics,Journal of Demographic Economics等权威期刊。主持国家自然科学基金项目等多项科研项目。