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【论文】余嘉杰、蒙双:“Survive and Thrive: The Duration of Cultural Goods Exports from China”
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余嘉杰、蒙双,“Survive and Thrive: The Duration of Cultural Goods Exports from China”,Emerging Markets Finance and Trade(SSCI),published online:JAN 2023,

ABSTRACT:This paper employs survival analysis to examine the duration of cultural goods exports from China. We use disaggregated product-level data from  1995 to 2020 to explore the export dynamics of Chinese cultural goods and  investigate the determinants. We find that most of the export relationships are short-lived, with a median duration of one year. However,if Chinese cultural goods can survive in the foreign market during the early stage, they will face a lower probability of failure and tend to survive for a longer period.In addition, we show that cultural distance is more of an obstacle to the  exports of cultural goods under the framework of the gravity model. These  findings survive a variety of robustness checks and have important policy implications.