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Lecture of 40th Anniversary
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On April 22, 2019, the first lecture of the 40th anniversary lecture series of the School of Business of Beijing Normal University was successfully held. This lecture invited Wu Jinglian, a famous economist and adjunct professor of Beijing Normal University to speak. Luo Laiwu, director of the Key Research Base of Cognitive Science and Trans-discipline research and Jujiang University delivered a speech on "deep and surface structure of human behavior, new theory of system and cultural analysis ". Sun Yaowei, a former inspector of the State Energy Administration, Xiao Jincheng, former director of the Land Development and Regional Economy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, and other leaders and experts attended the lecture.


In his speech, Dean Qi Yudong pointed out that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the School of Business of Beijing Normal University, and the school has decided to hold a series of celebrations from April to October. Professor Wu Jinglian’s presiding and Luo laiwu's special lecture jointly kicked off the series of activities for the 40th anniversary of our college.


Dean Qi Yudong of the school speaks at the lecture.


Prof. Wu Jinglian said in the host that the lecture combines various disciplines to explore the structure of human behavior, providing an opportunity for people to learn and communicate. He stressed that the study of people and society is very difficult, because people are special creatures formed in the collaborative evolution of individuals, society and nature. In early society, human beings tend to think about problems in an abstract way. After the western scientific revolution, methods such as the control and observation method of experimental science have been formed. To study such a complex organism and human society, we need to conduct a multi-disciplinary comprehensive research. In the process of comprehensive research, there are many problems that need to be further discussed. Therefore, we need to earnestly absorb the theoretical achievements of various parties, persevere, and be able to sit on the bench.


Wu Jinglian, a renowned economist delivered a speech at the lecture.


Professor Wu’s speech accommodates four areas of natural science, social science, humanities and daily life, based on the forefront of modern brain science, and many other new disciplines, existing social science research. Through the analysis framework and method of economics, he puts forward a set of system and the new paradigm of cultural analysis, the new theory, the cognition and behavior of social science school context and emotion. The lecture is divided into three parts: the first part, discusses what is human, including the deep and surface structure of human behavior: the surface structure is the visible, expressed behavior and apparent order; while the deep structure is the invisible motivation, concept and hidden order. The second part discusses what is society, or the constitution and expansion of human society, including: the symbiotic evolution of social species and early human gene-culture; Human connection and social composition and extension--construction in context; Reproduction and transformation of national society. The third part focuses on the context and emotional school of cognitive and behavioral social sciences (including economics). Firstly, this paper analyzes the two thoughts of demonstration and understanding in social science. Then, this paper expounds the context and emotion school of cognitive and behavioral social science based on modern brain science, constructs the research paradigm of context economics, solves the research dilemma of neoclassical economics paradigm, and revises the existing theories of behavioral economics. Professor law's research covers a wide range of subjects and fields, including life sciences, psychology, linguistics, sociology, economics, politics, art, religion and other natural sciences, and humanities and social sciences.


Professor Luo Laiwu gives a speech at the lecture.


The teachers and students actively interact with professor Luo. Cui Xuegang, vice president of the School reviewed the progress of economics research, which developed now to behavioral economics and experimental economics, and introduced the "China Brain Project" and the research results of neuro-accounting and neuro-management conducted by the School in combination with brain science.


Cui Xuegang, vice president of the School of Business speaks at the lecture.


Finally, Prof. Wu Jinglian made the summary speech, carried on the forecast to the Chinese economy and the Chinese economics prospect. Prof. Wu Jinglian pointed out that since the 20th century, the research paradigm of economics has become more standardized, but the theory also has its one-sideness. For example, it overemphasizes the hypothesis of human behavior rationality, believing that people always seek to maximize their own interests. In fact, people's behavior and response to external stimuli are determined by a variety of factors, not from the sole purpose of maximizing their own interests. Wu also said that the current economic research may produce confusion between systematic and complex problems and the expression of fragmentary fragments, and it is necessary to clarify the basic economic issues to grasp the direction of China's economy and economic research.


A group photo of attendees at the lecture.