Admission and Employment
Employment prospect

According to the current statistics, the whereabouts of Maxdo graduates are threefold: local postgraduate study, overseas study and direct employment. Most of the students chose to continue their studies.


  1. Further Study in China

Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, China University of Political Science and Law, Xiamen University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai International Studies University, Zhongshan University, etc.;


  1. Further Study Overseas

Columbia University, Lisbon University, University of Sydney, University of Barcelona, University College London, University of Edinburgh, Johns Hopkins University, Institut D'Etudes Politiques De Paris, etc.;


  1. Job offers

Ernst & Young accounting firm, China emerging Import & Export Corporation, National Library, China Construction Western Investment Corporation, etc.


Outstanding undergraduate graduates of Maxdo program in 2018, please have a look! (including law, the following is to remove the contents of the law)


In 2018, there were 43 graduates from Beijing Normal University's Maxdo international economy and trade program in the second class, 69.8% of whom had further studies, 51.2% of whom were admitted by overseas universities, and 18.6% of whom were admitted by domestic universities. The universities for further study include Columbia University, Boston university, Johns Hopkins university, university of Bristol, university of Warwick, ESCP hec, hec nord and so on.


Through the Maxdo  scholarship, Maxdo  foundation supports international economics and trade students to go abroad for one-year exchange study in their senior year, which has achieved remarkable results in talent cultivation and outstanding students keep emerging.


For example, the class of 2018 international economics and trade:


Wang Yifan, majoring in international economics and trade (French), is currently studying for a master's degree in French language and literature at Beijing foreign studies university.


A native of luze, he is studying for a master's degree in finance at Johns Hopkins university.


Yufan luo, majoring in international economics and trade (Spanish), is currently studying for the master's degree of MS in Applied Analytics in Columbia University.


Zhu Sihao, international economy and trade (Spanish), currently working for huawei technologies co., LTD., as Spanish account manager (pre-job training).


Since its enrollment in 2013, Maxdo Program has welcomed two graduates.