In an increasingly globalized world, paired with China’s “Going Out Strategy”, top talents with global vision and strong flexibility are in high demand. With the donation from the renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur Dr. Chung Hon Dak, BNUBS thus established the Maxdo Programe in 2013. The Maxdo Programe is a double degree programme which combines international economics and trade with modern languages. The programe adopts a new level of collaboration with universities and enterprises, both at the local and international level. By providing professional training in international business and related disciplines, Maxdo aims to cultivate elites qualified for national development and the export-oriented economy.

The design of the Maxdo Programe is based on the following principles:


  • ·Guide by the mission of the school: Based on the mission of BNUBS, the Maxdo Programe aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary, multilingual and international talents in business management and linguistics with profound cultural background and international vision. The programe is also seen as a critical element to serving China’s Belt and Road Initiative by producing global, inter-disciplinary talents that are crucial for future economic development.
  • ·Innovation in talent cultivation: The traditional programe design tends to focus on single subject, be it business management or modern language. Students in Maxdo Programe, in contrast, concentrate on international business, are required to be proficient in English and learn an additional foreign language as a second major (German, Spanish, French or Portuguese).
  • ·Involvement of all stakeholders in programe operation: A new model of collaborations with universities and enterprises both locally and internationally was adopted.
  • ·Fully English-taught programe and strong recognition of internationalisations: To nurture top talents in the field of international business, Maxdo has developed various forms of cooperation with prestigious international universities to provide students.