ZHANG Chengsi

Professor of Renmin Univeristy of China

Professor Zhang Chengsi is a Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, Ministry of Education. He was awarded the 2nd Sun-Ye Fang Finance Innovation Award (the highest award in the Financial Research Area), the 6th Xue Muqiao Price Research Award (the highest award in Price Research Area), Deng Ziji Financial Academic Paper Award, China Young Financial Scholar Award, Best Paper award 2017 of Financial Research, Excellent paper Award of China Finance 40 Youth Forum and many other important awards. In recent years, he has published nearly 40 papers as an independent author and the first author in first-class academic journals in monetary and financial fields, including Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of International Money and Finance and International Journal of Central Banking. He has also published nearly 50 papers in Economic Research and other domestic authoritative academic journals, and more than half of his research results in Chinese and English are cover articles or the first articles. He has five monographs with a total of more than 2 million words (One of them, Multiple Logics of The Dynamic Formation Mechanism of Inflation in China was selected into the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2015), and six translated works totaled more than 3 million words and one confidential work of State Administration of Foreign Exchange. Since 2009, he has ranked top 10% in the RePEC database for international academic influence of Chinese economists (including overseas professors who work part-time in China).