The Finance Department of the University Visited BNUBS to Carry Out a Special Investigation on Financial Work
Time :2023-03-08

On the afternoon of March 2nd, Yi Huixia, Director of the Financial Department of BNU, Zhang Pan, Associate Director, and other 7 people went to BNUBS to carry out a special investigation on financial work. Sun Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee and head of finance of the School, Jiang Jie, Associate Secretary of the School , staff and teachers representatives of relevant departments attended the research symposium.

Sun Zhijun first welcomed the arrival of the team, and introduced the School's financial approval management and budget management system, and put forward thoughts and suggestions on how to further improve the informatization level of the School's financial management. Yi Huixia introduced the basic system and process of financial work from the aspects of financial management, budget management, financial services, financial team construction, financial information construction and so on, hoping that the School could put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to jointly solve the problems in financial management.

Participants had heated discussions on how to do a good job in financial management and budget management and how to improve the service level of financial and economic departments. Some teachers also put forward practical problems from the aspects of student activities daily business and procurement reimbursement, foreign training business financial problems, financial information construction, going abroad and foreign exchange management, etc. The leaders of Finance and Economics Department patiently answered them.

Yi Huixia finally said that the Department of Finance and Economics would sort out and solve some problems in the system and process through in-depth grassroots research activities, and strive to provide more convenient and efficient financial services for the majority of teachers and students.

Provided by School Office

Edited by Wang Wei

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun