The 2022 Seminar on Student Career Development and Targeted Employment of BNUBS Was Successfully Held
Time :2022-12-16

On Dec 14, BNUBS held a seminar on student career development and targeted employment in 2022 on the online platform. Yang Hongtao, Director of the Career Development Education Department of the Student Development Center of Ministry of Education; Sui Lulu, Director of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee of Beijing Normal University; Jin Leili, Deputy Director of the Student Career Guidance Center of Tsinghua University; Lu Feixia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics of Zhejiang University; Li Chunyu, Director of the University Business Division of New Elite Career; Lv Xiaohui, Deputy Director of the Party Work Department of Beijing Normal University; and Beijing Normal University Guo Zhifang, director of the Career Development and Employment Guidance Center of the Student Work Department of the University Party Committee and other guests from inside and outside the university attended the meeting

The first unit of the conference focused on students' career development, presided over by Sun Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of BNUBS.

Sui Lulu, head of the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee of Beijing Normal University, first expressed her welcome and gratitude to the experts attending the meeting. In her speech, she stressed the important role of employment in college personnel training, the practical interests of students and families and the overall stability of economy and society. She analyzed the severe challenges brought by the novel coronavirus pandemic to students' employment and introduced the relevant work measures of the university. Sui Lulu hoped that this seminar would help BNUBS to raise its career development and career guidance to a new level, and provide students with better and more accurate guidance and assistance. She also wished the seminar a complete success.

Qi Yudong, Dean of BNUBS, introduced the innovative exploration of career development and career guidance for students of the School, as well as the achievements made in recent years, especially emphasizing that the School will further improve the linkage mechanism of enrollment, training and employment, and promote the increase, quality and connotative development of employment work. He thanked the experts attending the meeting for their strong support and hoped to explore new ideas and measures on employment through the collision of ideas and in-depth exchanges.




During the guest sharing session, Mr. Yang Hongtao, Director of the Career Development Education Division of the Student Development Center of the Ministry of Education, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Striving to Build a Career Development Education System for Students". Yang Hongtao introduced the forward-looking thinking of constructing the education work system of students' career development with Chinese characteristics, and pointed out the countermeasures of students' employment in the case of cyclical, structural and frictional unemployment. In his opinion, universities should start from the supply side of education and carry out employment education in connection with China's national conditions, Chinese history and culture and the career development of students, create high-quality career planning courses and do a good job in career education.




Teacher Jin Leili, Deputy Director of the Student Career Development Guidance Center of Tsinghua University, shared a talk on the topic of "University-Department Career Guidance: Similarities and Differences". Teacher Jin introduced the career guidance work of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, and analyzed the professional and refined career guidance system of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management based on its student source and specialty characteristics. In her sharing, she mentioned three employment indicators, namely employment rate, exit rate and key rate, and believed that high-quality employment should serve the national strategy's important demand for talents, and improve students' ability to make independent decisions by building high-quality courses and providing employment counseling.




Lu Feixia, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics of Zhejiang University, shared the employment experience of the school with the theme of "Guiding Direction, Building Platform, Gathering Resources -- Creating Student Employment with Economic Management Characteristics". Lu Feixia specifically introduced the efforts made by the School of Economics of Zhejiang University for student employment in terms of top-level design and multi-resource integration, mentioned the various platforms built and related multi-party cooperation, and proposed to do a good job in three ports in terms of vocational courses, information provision and employment services, and achieve three precision in terms of service, push and policy. We should also mobilize three types of partners in the campus, society, and alumni level to do a good job in student employment.



Li Chunyu, director of New Elite Career College Business Division, gave a report titled "Discussion on Accurate Student Career Development Based on User Portrait Analysis" from the perspective of employment consulting practice. Li Chunyu focused on three key words, "precision", "user portrait" and "career development", and introduced how to provide accurate and personalized career planning for students on the basis of comprehensive understanding of student dynamics. In combination with the conventional methods used in enterprise employment consultation, she made an overall combing and presentation of the student user portrait of the School of Economics and Management, which provided a reference for the one-to-one employment consultation work of the School.



The second unit of the conference focused on accurate employment of students, presided over by Chang Xinyang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of BNUBS.

Han Lili, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of BNUBS, introduced the School's precise employment work ideas and specific work requirements. In view of the current students' career confusion, employment anxiety and other problems, she put forward ideas of the School in the future to consolidate and adhere to the four-in-one employment work system and to conduct accurate mapping, classified guidance and customized service work ideas, focusing on how to strengthen the education of students' employment values, how to help students clear employment positioning, how to guide students to scientific job hunting and other aspects were elaborated.

Li Ren, the counselor, Yu Chen, the director of MBA Career development and employment, and Chen Weiying, the director of career development and employment of Zhuhai Campus, introduced the basic situation of the 2023 graduates and the progress of employment guidance.

Dr. Cai Zijun, Dr. Wang Jun and Supervisor Yu Wen, representatives of head teachers at various levels of talent cultivation, analyzed practical problems of students in career planning and employment based on their own work experience. Some reference suggestions are put forward in training students to set career goals independently, assisting students to make phased career development plans, making good use of in-depth conversations based on materials, building practical teaching bases and career development alliances, etc.

In his concluding speech, Sun Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, expressed his gratitude to the experts attending the meeting, the student and staff team, and the homeroom teachers for their sharing of guidance and solid work, and put forward three requirements for the future student career development and employment guidance of the School: First, we should make it clear that the student career development and career guidance is an important part of the School talent training; Second, we should make precise plans, dig deep and broaden the characteristic brand, and clarify the thinking and framework of the School students' career development work; Third, we should make solid progress, strengthen the backstop help for students with employment difficulties, and work together with the whole School to do a good job in the employment of graduates of 2023.


  This seminar made an in-depth discussion on students' career development and precise employment. The participants deepened their understanding in the collision of ideas, solved the doubts in the in-depth communication, and focused on the problems in the focused discussion. They further realized the importance of career development and employment guidance, and also explored new measures to improve the quality of the School's work. In the future, they will work together to promote more adequate and higher quality employment for students.





Provided by Party Committee Office

Edited by Li Lun, Li Ani

Reviewed by Han Lili