The Department of Accounting Held an Annual Teacher Assessment Meeting
Time :2022-12-09

On December 7, 2022, the Accounting Department of BNUBS held the annual teacher assessment meeting online. All the teachers of the Accounting Department attended the meeting.

First of all, Teacher Wu Qinhong, head of the department, introduced the main contents of the annual assessment standards issued by BNU and BNUBS, summarized and reported the work of the accounting department this year, including discipline construction, training program revision, professional education, personnel training, primary school activities, graduate employment, academic research, international exchanges, psychological counseling, life care and academic guidance of students during the epidemic period. She also reported on the completion of her workload and social services.

Secondly, the teachers of the department reported their work in this year respectively. Teacher Cui Xuegang first reported the MBA related work of the School that he is in charge, EQUIS international certification and internal control work, and the teaching, research and talent training work he undertook. Subsequently, the teachers of the Accounting Department made their annual report from the aspects of teaching, scientific research and social services.


Finally, Teacher Wu Qinhong, the head of the department, made a summary speech to the meeting. According to the annual assessment standards of BNU and BNUBS, the teachers of the Department of Accounting have met the relevant requirements of the annual assessment according to their achievements in teaching, scientific research, social services and other aspects. At the same time, in view of the current situation of epidemic prevention in the school, Teacher Wu told all teachers in the department to take good protection and actively support the epidemic prevention work of BNU and BNUBS.


Provided by Department of Accounting

Edited by Yang Dan, Wu Qinhong

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun