In Celebration of the Spring Festival, BNUBS Organized Activities to Send Warm to the Faculties And Students
Time :2023-01-20


The Spring Festival was coming and the whole nation was celebrating. On the occasion of national celebration, our School organized an online activity to bring warm to retired teachers and students who have stayed in school during the winter vacation. The activity was conducted online. Members of the Party and government leaders, union cadres and office staff of the School visited Mr. And Mrs. Tao Dayong, centenarian teacher Niu Qingping, Teacher Zhan Junzhong and other retired teachers and Teacher Wang Shanmai, who is still in the front line of teaching, through video chat, mobile phone calls and wechat. We expressed our concern to the retired teachers and mailed condolences. For undergraduate and graduate students who stayed on campus during winter vacation, the School Youth League Committee counselor also organized online communication meetings and lottery activities.


Since its establishment, Beijing Normal University has cultivated countless outstanding students, which is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of generations of teachers. Retired teachers are our predecessors, our role models. During the visit, the members of the Party and government leading groups had a detailed understanding of the old teachers' daily life, physical conditions, medical care and other conditions, and informed the past year's party building work, personnel training, scientific research and discipline construction and other aspects of the development of the School, expecting the old teachers to continue to offer suggestions for the construction and development of the School.

In addition, in order to show our concern for the students who have stayed in School during the winter vacation, our School specially set up a wechat group for students to exchange and share Spring Festival stories and perceptions. At the same time, the online lottery activity has prepared abundant prizes, so that students can feel the warm atmosphere of the New Year on campus.


  The old teachers and students expressed their gratitude to the School for their sympathy, and wished the School to make progress together in the New Year and achieve even more dazzling achievements!





Contributed by School Labor Union, School Office, School Youth League Committee

Edited by Wang Wei

Reviewed by Han Lili