BNUBS Conducted Freshman Orientation Programs
Time :2023-01-05

In order to make the freshmen of Grade 2022 spend the first semester of School life in a rational and peaceful state of mind, improve their self-management ability, cultivate comprehensive quality, and create a positive, healthy and civilized campus atmosphere, after the "education of school history and overall situation, daily management and teaching training, party and league education and professional education" during the admission period, BNUBS continued to carry out a series of freshman entrance education activities, including history education, mental health education, career planning education, academic skills training and academic counseling.

  1. Education of School history and Overall Situation

Memorizing the Past in the Double Hundred Years Celebration—Lectures on the history of BNU and BNUBS


On 19:00 on the evening of November 2, 2022, " Memorizing the Past in the Double Hundred Years Celebration—Lectures on the history of BNU and BNUBS" -- the lecture on the history of BNU and BNUBS was successfully held in Classroom No. 312. The speaker was Professor Shen Yue, who once served as Executive Vice President and Party Secretary of the College. The lecture was hosted by Ms. Li Jing, Deputy Director of MBA Education Center.



With the 120th anniversary of Beijing Normal University, Teacher Shen gave a lecture on the history of the university, the history of the school and the history of MBA. He vividly told the students the development process of the university, the school and the MBA Center. He stressed that the BNUBS has a history of 43 years. In the first 30 years of development, BNUBS developed with the help of the university. Since then, it has gradually become part of the university's reputation. In this way, Teacher Shen encouraged the students to work hard and make the brand influence of BNUBS more and more powerful by realizing their own development, so that BNUBS would not rely on the reputation of the university but can make contributions to BNU.

  1. Freshmen Mental Health Education

Lecture on Emotion Management from the Perspective of Chinese Culture"


On November 4, 2022, BNUBS invited Song Zhenshao, the executive deputy director of Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, Associate researcher, to give a lecture on "Emotion Management from the perspective of Chinese Culture" and mental health education for freshmen. The online lecture was attended by more than 200 administrative teachers, homeroom teachers, as well as freshmen of the class of 2022. The lecture was hosted by Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee of the School.



  With a solid foundation of traditional culture, psychological theory accomplishment and rich experience in psychological counseling in colleges and universities, Teacher Song gave a rich and vivid lecture for the teachers and students of the School. He helped the teachers and students attending the lecture to understand that emotional regulation is an inevitable lesson in life and a continuous process of cultivation, which requires them to learn the wisdom of controlling the inner world. Moreover, it provided teachers and students of the School with the thoughts of self-cultivation, as well as methods such as 4A method and four-step method of awareness. During the process, the teachers and students of our School also had warm interaction and questions and answers on how to actively cope with the pressure in work, study and life, how to properly deal with interpersonal relations, and how to maintain an optimistic attitude through emotional regulation to realize the ideal of life and other aspects. Teachers and students said that they benefited a lot.

Life guidance Room -- Psychological Counseling Service

From November to December, BNUBS invited Mr. Zhang Peng, a full-time consultant from Edelweiss Psychological Center, to provide one-to-one psychological counseling services in the form of Tencent conference combined with the needs of students. The total number of clients of this service was more than 20 people. The topics of consultation of students include: family relationship, interpersonal relationship, academic problems, career problems, self-improvement, etc. Through one-on-one psychological counseling, most students' counseling needs are met. In the future, BNUBS will continue to promote the construction of the department of psychological counseling room, improve the way of individual psychological counseling and group psychological counseling, according to the needs and goals of students to provide students with comprehensive, continuous guidance and services.


  1. Career Planning Education for Freshmen

On December 30, 2022, the Career Planning Education for freshmen of BNUBS was successfully held. Guo Zhifang, Associate researcher and Director of the Career Development and Employment Guidance Center of the BNU Party Committee, was the keynote speaker. Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee of BNUBS, presided over the lecture. All freshmen of the class of 2022 attended the lecture online.


Ms. Guo Zhifang shared four specific contents for freshmen with the theme of “To choose or to be chosen?”,including preparation for "career", exploration for "choice", change for "career", and expansion of action. Teacher Guo pointed out that professional knowledge and skills, transferable skills and self-management skills are three skills that should be trained and cultivated in career. And teacher Guo shared and summarized the abilities and qualities required for college admission, selective study, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, and the path of improvement. As for how to cultivate the core professional qualities, Ms. Guo taught the students to learn to use the analysis method of KSA (Knowledge/skill/ability), and use the career system theory to sort out the problems in their personal system and the problems in the social communication system. Finally, Ms. Guo Zhifang encouraged students to prepare their resumes, and to enrich their own experiences and life in the precious time of four years in School. We believe that after Ms. Guo's wonderful sharing, the freshmen of Grade 22 will be able to plan their career development path with more confidence.

  1. Learning skills training

Learning Publicity Skills, and Becoming Excellent Backbones

At the beginning of the semester, freshmen joined different student organizations in order to improve their overall ability. All kinds of student activities cannot be carried out without effective publicity and news report. In order to improve the students' writing ability of campus news, strengthen the construction of new media position and enhance the propaganda level, the School has carried out two special training of campus news, in which the student organizations of the School, the new backbone students of the class and interested freshmen participated in the training activities.

On November 24, 2022, the School invited Yang Sanxi, editor of China Education News Media Review Center, to give a lecture with the theme of "How to tell a good story and tell a good truth". The lecture was hosted by Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee of BNUBS. Editor Yang described the writing methods of news writing summary, campus news overview and news commentary overview respectively, and pointed out that the facts with reporting value need to have the following characteristics: newness, importance, proximity, significance and interest. When talking about campus news, editor Yang emphasized the importance of reader awareness and broadcast awareness. From the perspective of readers, he drew the conclusion that a good story not only needs to have elements such as events, people, details and contradictions, but also needs to put forward a conclusion that fits the opportunity, sees the big from the small and has typical significance. At the same time, he provided us with the idea of writing the work report into a story.


On the evening of December 8th, the School invited Mr. Qi Xuejing, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Journalism and Communication, to bring a news writing training activity with the theme of "News Interview and Writing" for the backbone students. The lecture was presided over by Zhang Huilin, an instructor at BNUBS. From press release summary, five elements, character communication writing, the skills, Ms. Qi shared the experience and analyzed the key points. Finally, Teacher Qi emphasizes the "18 skills" that an excellent school matchmaker should master, such as news sensitivity, writing ability, interpersonal communication ability, information collection ability, organization and coordination ability, and concludes that the School matchmaker should have the consciousness of standardization, quality awareness, vividness awareness, and overall situation awareness.



This series of lectures further promoted the ability of the backbone students and freshmen of our School to dig news and write news, and improved the level of our School's new media publicity. With text as the medium, sharing campus life, disseminating the strong voice of The Times and writing youth stories, we look forward to the emergence of more surprises in campus news work in the future.

5. Freshmen Academic counseling

The National Award Winners Shared experience

In order to guide the class of 2022 to set lofty goals at the beginning of their college life, improve their academic level and scientific research ability, and give full play to the leading role of the National scholarship winners, the Youth League Committee of BBNUBS invited seven undergraduate National Award winners and three graduate National Award winners respectively to share excellent learning experience and personal insights in the form of online Tencent conference combined with the actual needs and problems of students.

At 20:00 PM on November 19th, National Award winners Li Yuhan, Li Wenxuan and Luo Xiyue shared their learning methods, time management, review experiences and comprehensive strategies with the students in combination with the training programs of their major. At 20:00 on November 20th, National Prize winners Song Jilong, Li Yueqing, Li Guo and Wei Min shared their experiences and ideas about various scientific research competitions, how to find research topics, learn tools and skills to master, and finally how to form the first paper based on their own research experience.


  On November 26th, the Graduate Association invited Gu Ning, He Fengyun, Master of Enterprise Management, Tu Xiwei, Theoretical Economics to provide a profound, vivid experience sharing around the course learning, literature reading, scientific research tools, paper writing, career planning, work practice and other aspects, basing on the students' current learning situation. The students responded warmly and gained a lot. They had a clearer plan and cognition for the future.

"Relying on the wind": Activities for Making Preparations in the Final Examination

As the end of the semester approaches, the Youth League Committee of BNUBS invited students with excellent academic performance in each major of 2021 to organize a final navigation activity for each major of 2022, in order to help freshmen of each major adjust their review status, relieve their anxiety and prepare for the first final exam of college life.

From November 26 to 27, the final navigation sharing activity for all majors of Grade 2022 was carried out as scheduled. In combination with the curriculum of this major, the seniors shared their experience in the final review and the process of adjusting their mentality in the first semester of the freshman year, and analyzed the key courses such as Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Linear Algebra, Microeconomics, English, Outline of Modern Chinese History and Basic Information Processing one by one, and gave review suggestions and guidance for the new students.


"A stone from another mountain can attack jade." After the final navigation activity, the students had a deeper understanding of the adjustment of mentality, preparation methods of each subject, and enhanced the confidence to deal with the final exam. We hope you can adjust your attitude and achieve ideal results in the final exam!




  We hope that the 2022 freshmen of BNUBS can gain something from the series of education activities, live a more fulfilling and determined college life, and write a new "song of youth" on the new journey!

Provided by Student Work Office, School Office, MBA Center

Edited by Zhang Huilin, Li Lun

Reviewed by Han Lili, Cui Xuegang