New Year Message
Time :2022-12-31

Dear teachers, students, alumni, friends from all walks of life,

At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, on behalf of BNU Business School, we would like to extend our most sincere New Year wishes to all the teachers, students, retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad, to all the leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported the construction and development of the School!

The year of 2022 was an extraordinary year. In this year, the Party held its 20th successful National Congress, drawing up a grand blueprint for comprehensively building a modern socialist country. In this year, the School held a grand celebration of its 120th anniversary. All the teachers and students of the School earnestly studied and understood the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s letter of reply to the students of the "Excellent Teacher Plan", which further enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of "educating people for the Party and talents for the country". In this year, a new Party committee of the School was established. Under the guidance of the Party's 20 guiding principles, we adhered to our original aspiration of education and carry out the fundamental task of improving morality and educating people. By bearing in mind the "great state", constantly improving the ability to serve the strategic needs of the country's economic and social development, and aiming at the target, we have steadily promoted the construction of first-class economic management discipline.

In the past year, adhering to the spirit of "diversity, inclusiveness, innovation and responsibility", and adhering to the principle of "consolidation, enhancement and vigorous development", the School has withstood the test of the epidemic and made new achievements in its development. Theoretical Economics continued to maintain the status of the national A-class discipline. Business Administration and Applied Economics has moved up to a new level. Following Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Accounting, the undergraduate program of Business Administration has been selected into the list of state-level undergraduate programs. The MBA program won the award of "Outstanding MBA Program with Comprehensive Strength in 2022". The School set up the Department of Digital Economy and Management, which takes "digitization of research" and "digitization of curriculum" as the concept of digital economy discipline development and talent training mode has taken shape. We have successfully passed the reaccreditation of EQUIS, and the overall strength of the School continues to maintain the international first-class level.

Over the past year, the deep integration of scientific research and talent training of the School has been further deepened, and the quality of "four good teachers" of the teachers has been continuously improved. Many teachers have won the National High-level Talent Project, Beijing Excellent Teacher, Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, the first Beijing Excellent Postgraduate Advisor, provincial and ministerial first-class undergraduate courses, the university's "Four Good Teachers" gold medal, the twelfth "Top Ten Teachers Most Popular among Undergraduates", Peng Nian Outstanding Young Teachers Award and other honors. Teachers of the School have published more than 40 articles in international and domestic top journals and national mainstream media, and 15 national projects have been approved.

Over the past year, the students of our School have high aspirations and are diligent in learning. Many students and collectives were awarded "Beijing Merit Student", "Beijing Excellent Student Leader", "Beijing Advanced Class Collective", "Beijing Excellent Students Grass-roots Organization "; The Student Union, graduate Student Union and Youth League Committee all won the highest prize in the school competition.

As the new Year begins, the School will continue to uphold the motto of Learn, so as to instruct others; Act, to serve as example to all", and fulfill the mission of " Promoting business and culture to serve the nation and the world by creating knowledge and developing talents ". In the new historical starting point, with the national strategic needs and social development pace, we would remain true to our original aspiration and fight together to build first-class with humanity background and international influence of unremitting struggle!

We sincerely wish you all a happy New Year and a healthy family!

Dean: Qi Yudong

Party Secretary: Sun Zhijun