Many teachers of BNUBS Published Essays in Studying And Interpretating the Spirits of the 20th CPC National Congress
Time :2023-01-03


In order to further study, understand and implement the spirits of the 20th CPC National Congress, our School invited professional teachers from many disciplines to write articles on why high-quality development is the essential requirement for realizing Chinese modernization and how to promote Chinese-style modernization with high-quality development, focusing on accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, adhering to a high level of opening up to the outside world, and strengthening the talent support for modernization, overall development and security.

Teachers of our School have published successively signed articles in Economic Research Reference and in the special section of "The Study the Party's Twenty Spiritual Essays by Beijing Normal University Experts and Scholars" :


1. Zhao Chunming: Advancing RCEP and Fostering New Growth Drivers for Global Development;

2. Gao Minghua: How to Understand State-owned Capital and State-owned Enterprises to become Stronger, Better and Bigger;

3. Li Rui, Comprehensively Consolidating the Foundation of Food Security under the Guidance of the Reports of 20th CPC National Congress;

4. Xu Zhixing, Strengthening the Construction of Scientific and Technological Innovation Management Talents and Optimizing the Talent Environment for High-quality Development.



The School Newspaper of Beijing Normal University has also published the following articles in the recent two periodicals:

1. Yang Dan: Combining Excellent Traditional Culture into Audit Education and Teaching under the Guidance of the Spirits of 20th CPC National Congress;

2, Guo Ji: The Ideological Elements in the Chinese Society Economic History - in-depth Study Of spirits of 20th CPC National Congress.



Provided by Disciplinary Research Office

Edited by Sun Yue

Reviewed by Cai Hongbo