BNUBS Held a Lecture on "Emotion Management from the Perspective of Chinese Culture" and Mental Health Education for Freshmen
Time :2022-11-10

     On November 4th, BNUBS invited Associate Researcher Song Zhenshao, Executive Deputy Director of the School's Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, to give a lecture on "Emotion Management from the Perspective of Chinese Culture" and mental health education for freshmen. The online lecture was attended by more than 200 administrative teachers, homeroom teachers, and freshmen of Grade 2022. The lecture was hosted by Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee of School.


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Starting with the idea of "harmony between nature and man" in traditional culture, Confucius' "The wise have no doubts, the benevolent have no worries, and the brave have no fears" to Su Shi's poem "Settling waves" and Mo Yan's golden sentences, Mr. Song proposed that people should achieve the harmony between "heart" and "things" and achieve the state of "neutralization" in emotional regulation.


With a solid foundation of traditional culture, psychological theoretical literacy and rich experience in psychological counseling in colleges and universities, Ms. Song gave a rich and vivid lecture for the teachers and students of the School. She helped the teachers and students attending the lecture to understand that emotional regulation is an inevitable lesson in life and a continuous process of cultivation, which requires them to learn the wisdom of controlling the inner world. Moreover, it provides teachers and students of School with ideas of mind cultivation and body cultivation and methods such as 4A method and four-step method of awareness for self-control of emotions.


During the process, the teachers and students of BNUBS also had a warm interaction and question and answer on how to actively cope with the pressure in work, study and life, how to properly deal with interpersonal relations, how to maintain an optimistic attitude to realize the ideal of life through emotional regulation and other aspects. The teachers and students benefited a lot and expressed their thanks to Ms. Song in the chat box.


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On November 4th, the School invited Song Zhenshao, a teacher from the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, to give a wonderful lecture for the teachers and students of our college. Listening to Song's explanation made me have a different understanding of emotions from various angles. What impressed me most was the "five languages of love" mentioned by Teacher Song, namely whole-hearted companionship, thoughtful gifts, acts of service, physical touch and words of affirmation. It may seem simple, but it also requires a deep understanding of its true meaning. When we can really use it freely and understand its underlying logic and meaning, we can better relate to others and regulate our own emotions.


——Li Ani, Alumni Office





On Friday afternoon, I had the honor to listen to the psychological lecture of "Emotion Management from the Perspective of Chinese Culture" given by teacher Song Zhenshao. The whole lecture brought me a feeling that can be summarized as follows: interesting, divine and beneficial.


First of all, it was interesting. Teacher Song interspersed some videos and interactions during the whole lecture, such as the clips of Kung Fu Panda movies and word guessing activities, which made me more interested in understanding the psychological knowledge of Chinese culture and learning in fun. Secondly, it is spirit. The speaker's extensive quotations and on-site interpretation of ancient Chinese texts made me feel the charm of Chinese cultural psychology. The Last but not least, it was beneficial. The whole lecture made me think more deeply about my emotion management and saw the power of emotion regulation contained in Chinese culture. Especially in the interactive questioning session at the end, I believe that Dr. Song's targeted answers were very beneficial to every teacher and student who participated in the lecture.


It is Interesting, lively and beneficial. Through this psychological lecture, I feel the master style of teacher Song, but also from his narration of my own emotional management methods and motivation, I am looking forward to the same wonderful lecture!

——-- Liu Zhongwei, Social Science Major, Grade 2022


The psychological education of School students is a very important practical problem. Strengthening mental health education is the requirement of The Times of social progress, the realistic need of School development, and the internal demand of students' growth. After long-term efforts, BNUBS has made outstanding achievements in the construction of psychological education, the establishment of Edelweiss messenger, psychological counseling services, effectively help many students to solve psychological problems. In the future, schools and students should learn to put themselves in each other's shoes, understand each other, help each other, start from practical problems, establish a more perfect education system, and jointly build a harmonious campus and positive campus culture.


 ——-- Liu Ruiqiu, Master of 2022


Provided by Party Committee Office, School Office

Edited by Li Lun, Wang Wei

Reviewed by Han Lili