In order to further strengthen young teachers' concept of moral cultivation, strengthen basic teaching skills, improve teaching research level and teaching practical ability, the union of BNUBS held a preliminary contest of basic teaching skills for young teachers on November 2nd in conference Room 1722 of the back main building. Four teachers, including Jiang Jie, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee, Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee, Jiao Hao, director of the Department of Digital Economy and Management, and Yang Chengyu, professor of the Department of Economics, attended the competition and served as judges.


Three young teachers from our School, Xu Licheng, Wang Xue and Wang Yan, participated in the preliminary competition.


Ms. Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee, first made a brief introduction to the requirements of the competition. This competition took the form of on-site teaching demonstration. Each teacher made a 2-minute teaching plan introduction and a 20-minute teaching demonstration. The participating teachers have made careful preparation from the aspects of teaching content, teaching organization, language and teaching state, teaching characteristics and so on. The key and difficult points are prominent, and the teaching effect is good, which has been fully recognized by the on-site judges. The judges made comprehensive and detailed comments and guidance from the aspects of presentation form, teaching content, teaching order, time control, wearing clothes, mastering the rhythm, curriculum ideology and politics, and put forward pertinent suggestions. Through on-site guidance and experience sharing, the teachers and other on-site participants benefited greatly.






  This competition fully inspired the young teachers to devote themselves to teaching work, and strengthen the basic teaching skills through the exchange and learning of teaching experience. We also welcomed more young teachers to participate in the competition, and constantly improved their teaching level through communication and demonstration.


Provided by School Labor Union

Edited by Li Tingting

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun