On the morning of October 26, 2022, BNUBS held a seminar for new teachers of 2022. President Qi Yudong, Vice President Cai Hongbo, and new teachers Xu Yuan, Li Lun, Xu Licheng, Sun Changling, and Zhang Huilin attended the meeting. The symposium was presided over by Qi Yudong.


At the meeting, Cai Hongbo introduced the relevant system, discipline setting and development status of the school, and explained in detail the scientific research standards in the rules and regulations of professional and technical job promotion, annual assessment, academic promotion plan, top-notch talent support plan and so on. He hoped that young teachers can fully understand the system of BNU and BNUBS, do a good job in teaching, scientific research, social services and other aspects of development planning in advance, focus on teaching and scientific research, talent training, while improving their own academic research, broadening their horizons, further exploring the space for academic development.


All the teachers attended the meeting enthusiastically spoke. In combination with the actual situation since working in the School, the teachers raised some questions and expressed their own opinions on the development of the School from the aspects of teaching curriculum setting, scientific research project establishment, scientific research results publication, reward mechanism, assessment and promotion policy, School culture construction and so on. The leaders of the School listened carefully to each teacher's speech, gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the teachers, and discussed some problems and suggestions.


   In his summary, Qi Yudong pointed out that the School advocates the values of "inclusiveness, diversity, innovation and responsibility" as the core. He hoped that all young teachers could integrate into all aspects of the School's work as soon as possible, establish the academic life orientation and clarify the career development plan. We would focus on teaching, scientific research and practice in my future work and always keep a positive attitude. In the teaching work, we should adhere to the "moral cultivation" as the fundamental task of education, participate in the personnel training in various ways, strive to be "Four Haves Good Teachers". In the scientific research work, we should pay attention to improving the quality of scientific research results, make clear the direction of our efforts, and improve all kinds of academic research ability in an all-round way.






Provided by School Office

Edited by Liu Yingjie

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun