The MBA Work Symposium of our School Was Successfully Held
Time :2023-01-07

On the morning of January 3, 2023, BNUBS held a symposium on MBA work. Fifteen people attended the meeting, including Dean Qi Yudong, Party Secretary Sun Zhijun, Associate Dean Cui Xuegang, Associate Secretary Jiang Jie, Associate Secretary Han Lili and Teacher Sun Chuan, Teacher Zhou Jianghua, Teacher Li Jing, Teacher Wang Lulu, Teacher Chen Xiaojuan, Teacher Su Xiaoyuan, Teacher Zhang Li, Teacher Yu Chen, Teacher Meng Jia and Teacher Huo Qihong of MBA Education Center. The meeting was presided over by Associate Dean Cui Xuegang and held online.


MBA Work Symposium of BNUBS

The agenda of the symposium consisted of four items: 1. Sun Zhijun, Secretary of BNUBS announced the appointment and removal of the director of MBA Center; 2. The new and old directors of MBA Center Sun Chuan and Zhou Jianghua delivered speeches respectively; 3. All the teachers of MBA Center expressed their views and gave suggestions on the development of MBA program and daily work; 4. Leaders attending the conference gave strategic work guidance and suggestions from the perspective of future development and thematic work.


During the symposium, the leaders of the School and the teachers of the MBA Center expressed their gratitude to Mr. Sun Chuan for his efforts and efforts in the construction and development of the MBA program, and expressed their support and expectation for Mr. Zhou Jianghua to take over the responsibility of the director of the MBA Education Center.


China's MBA education has entered a new stage of development, with profound changes taking place in education market, education content and education form. The leaders of the School and all the teachers of the MBA Center are full of confidence for the future construction and development of the MBA program of our School. In the future work, all staff will work together, forge ahead, further strengthen the standard management. We will create a learning center, with high quality development as the theme, to further improve management efficiency and service quality. We should gather together and increase externally, have the courage to explore and innovate, further condense the professional direction, create characteristics and advantages, strive to achieve six "first-class" MBA brand, and make greater contribution to the development of the university and the School.


Provided by MBA Education Center

Edited by Wang Lulu, Huo Qihong

Reviewed by Cui Xuegang