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HE Liping

HE Liping  Ph.D., Professor
Native Place: Chongqing, southwestern China
Department of Finance
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 010 5880 5025 ; Fax: 010 5880 1867
Education and Visiting Studies
Fulbright Research Fellow, Graduate Business School, Columbia University
Ph.D. in Department of Economics, School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), University of London, Ph.D (Economics)
1991-1992 Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge (Magdalene College), MA program in Economics
1989-1991 Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge
1989-1990 Visiting Scholar, Centre for International Studies, University of Cambridge
1984-1987 Master in School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, MA (Economics), 1987
1978-1982 Bachelor in Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China, BA (Economics)
Work Experience
2011-present Director, Research Centre for International Finance, School of Economics and Business, Beijing Normal University
2001.1-2010 Professor and Chair, Department of Finance, School of Economics and Business, Beijing Normal University
1997.1-2000.12 Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Economic Research Centre, China Institute of Finance and Banking.
1987.7-1989.9 Lecturer and Deputy Head of International Finance Section, China Institute of Finance and Banking.
1982.7-1984.9 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Political Economy, Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics.
Courses Taught
Foundations of Finance (in English) (undergraduate)
International Finance (bilingual in Chinese and English) (graduate)
International Finance and China (in English) (international graduate)
Professional Societies/Activities
  • Vice Chairman, China Society of World Economics
  • Standing Member of the Board of Directors, Member of Academic Committee, and Deputy Secretary-General, China Society of International Finance
  • Standing Member of the Board of Directors, China Society of World Economics
  • Member of the Board of Directors, China Society of Finance
  • Member of the Board of Directors and member of Academic Committee, China Society of City Finance
Social Service/Affiliation
  • Senior Research Fellow, National Economic Research Institute, China Reform Foundation
  • External Member, Academic Committee, Institute of World Economics and Politics,
  • Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • External Member, Academic Committee, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science
Publications in Enlish
• Main Journal Articles
  • • Liping He, Hyperinflation: A World History (in the series of China Perspectives),London and New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, October 2017
  • Gang Fan, Liping He, Xiaoyun Wei, Liyan Han. China’s growth adjustment: moderation and structural changes. Economic Change and Restructuring. Volume 46, Issue 1 (2013) Page 9-24
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  • Gang Fan, Liping He “A Prediction of China’s Economy in 2012: Soft Landing and Back to the Normal”, as Chapter 2 in A New Economic Growth Engine for China: Escaping the Middle-Income Trap by Not Doing More of the Same, Edited by Wing Thye Woo, Ming Lu, Jeffrey D. Sachs, and Zhao Chen, World Scientific Imperial College Press, 2012, pp. 43-53
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  • Leong H. Liew and Liping He (2010): Contributing to a Harmonious Society: China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, as Chapter 2 in The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds, edited by Xu Yi-chong and Gawdat Bahgat, New York and London:Palgrave Macmillan,2010
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  • He, L. (2007) China’s Banking Sector Reform: A Critical Survey, as Chapter 8 in John Wong and Liu Wei eds. China’s Surging Economy: Adjusting for More Balanced Development, pp.231-252. New York, London and Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co.
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  • He, L. and Xiaohang Fan (2004) Foreign Banks in Post-WTO China: An Intermediate Assessment, China and World Economy, Vol. 12, No.5 (Sept-Oct): 3-16
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• Books in Chinese 
  • Fan Gang and He Liping, eds (2012) Financial Reform and Opening-up and External Rebalancing in China. Shanghai: Shanghai Far East Press.
  • Zhang Yansheng and He Liping, eds (2011) China’s Drive to Financial Market Opening-up, Exchange Rate Flexibility and Balance of Payments Adjustment. Beijing: China Commerce Press
  • He Liping (2007) Integrating into the World Economy: China and International Experience. Beijing: Social Science Literature Press
  • He Liping (2002) Personal Cheque and Credit. Tianjin: Tianjin People’s Press
  • He Liping (2000) Economic Growth: Globalizing Movements during the Twentieth Century. Chengdu: Sichuan People’s Press
  • He Liping (ed) (1998) Monetary Policy: Tools and Operation. Chengdu: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Press.