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LI Baoyuan

Li Baoyuan  Ph.D., Professor
Native Place: Shanxian Henan Province
Department of Human Resource Management
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 010-58807634
1996-1999 Ph.D. in Renmin University of China
1988-1991 Master in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
1979-1983 Bachelor in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics
Work Experience
1983-1988 Luoyang institute of technology(Henan University of Science and Technolog)
1991-1996 Shandong Economic University(Shandong University of Finance and Economics)
1999-now Beijing Normal University
Research Interests
Academic research in labor economics
human capital theory and human resources management
national economy and management
institutional economics
strategic planning methods and statistical techniques, etc.
The main research direction: Humanism development and management
In the national economics, institutional economics, human capital theory, human resources development and management, as well as population, resource and environmental economics, and other fields.
Courses Taught
Undergraduate courses: Human resource management; career management; advertising
Graduate courses: Human resource management research; organizational learning and human resources development research; public human resource development and management research; human resource development and management research; career management
Doctoral courses: Human resource management research; The Chinese studies the development strategy; Humanistic management economics; Human resources development and management research frontier problem
MBA courses: Human resource management; Career development and management
Professional Societies/Activities
  • Beijing Normal University, humanism, director of the center for development and management
  • Education in the capital economy research institute of human resources development and management
  • Beijing Normal University, institute of economic management, resources and economic research institute of academic committee
  • Beijing Normal University MBA development advisory committee
  • A researcher at Beijing Normal University Chinese Lottery Research Center
Social Service/Work
  • Member of Chinese Democratic Union
  • Standing director of China's macroeconomic management education society
  • Standing director of Professional Committee of China Labor Society Labor Standards
  • Member of the Human Resources Development Research Association of China
  • The national professional skill appraisal committee member of Expert Committee of Human Resource Management
  • National social science fund, study abroad fund management committee evaluation experts
Research Projects
  • Beijing energy conservation and environmental protection center commissioned projects Energy conservation and environmental protection, the capital of the talent team construction overall train of thought and development planning study,2013.12-2014.3
  • The communist youth league central project New generation of migrant workers living conditions and career development plans,2012.6-12
  • National social science fund project in general Green development、Multiple transformation with the Chinese enterprise HR strategic competitive advantage dynamic transformation problem research,2012.9
  • National Social Science Fund Project Green Development,Multiple Transformation and HR Strategic Competitive Advantage of Chinese Enterprises to Enhance the Study of Dynamic Conversion Issues,2011.6-2013.12
  • Beijing branch of national development commissioned seven "twelfth five-year" project investment and financing planning,2010.10-12
  • Chinese enterprise human resources management under the new rules of labor case studies ,2009.10-2010.10
  • National social science fund project in general From populous country to human resource strategy: Based on the integration of humanistic perspective study ,2008.6-2010.6
  • Beijing municipal development and reform commission, the project: The mechanism of human capital, economic development research,2006.6-12
  • The Beijing national economic and social development key research project prior to the eleventh five-year plan: Capital, implement "people-oriented, comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development" theme, train of thought and countermeasures research,2004.6-2004.12
  • National medium and long-term science and technological development strategy research project: Talent team construction research topics: research university of science and technology talent team construction,2003.8-2004.3
  • Economic restructuring office under the state council, China's reform and development of small towns center project: Study the economic and social development planning of small towns,2001.12-2002.3
  • Young teacher of Beijing normal university humanities and social science fund project:Chinese enterprise human capital operation mode research,2001-2003
Honors and Awards
  • Human Capital and Economic Development was awarded the first prize for the national book award and the second session of the national education book award
  • China's Education Development Report(2000) was awarded the third China education ministry prize of humanities and social science research achievements
  • Public Human Resources Development and Management won the 2009 prize of excellent teaching material of common colleges and universities across the country
  • 2011 China's Green Development Report: Regional Comparison won the 2nd China soft science award
Publications(Since 2000)
• Main Journal Articles
  • BCC: Strategic Compensation Management New Attempt, , PKU Business Review,2015(10)
  • Enterprise Performance Salary Design Integrated Management System and Operation Process, Human Resources Development of China,2015(8)
  • The Basic Path and Trend of The Evolution of Chinese Relations In The Recent Century, Economic Theory and Business Management,2015
  • Ageing Characteristics of Individual Behavior Under the Perspective of Economic Impact Study, Review of Economic Research,2014,41(T-7)
  • Related Researches’ Review on Estimation Methods of Labor Cost and International Comparison, Human Resources Development of China, July 2014,14(308),80
  • Humanistic management economics to explore, Research on Financial and Economic Issues, 2013,12,18-25
  • Chinese Companies How to Create A Strategy-Focused Organization--Take the Case of Tsingtao Brewery Company Based on BSC, Human Resources Development of China,2013(21)
  • Modern compensation management of the history of evolution and the frontier market: based on the unity of history and logic theory perspective combing machine, Research on Financial and Economic Issues,2012(7)
  • On Human-Oriented Green Development: Greenness Direction, Experience and Tasks of Human Civilization and the Rising Powers, Research on Financial and Economic Issues, 2011(8)
  • About "the idea of the balance payment card":based on the strategic overall balance design of generalized integration of compensation incentive, Human Resource Development of China,Mar.2011(3)
  • Three strategies for the construction of Chinese human resources power, Review of Economic Research,2010,62
  • Human resources development under the background of green economy, Research on Financial and Economic Issues,2010,10
  • The crisis leadership, The New Capital,2009,2.
  • Under the background of popularization of higher education of college students' career management measures, Hunan Social Sciences,2009,3
  • Disasters crisis management and long-term stable development: based on the fight against disasters in recent years the practice of theoretical exploration and macroscopic analysis, Research on Financial and Economic Issues,2008,11
  • "People first" : the southwest airline's human resources management idea, sinopec, Personnel Management, 2008,3
  • Towards human resources powers: the history of China human resources development path, the main achievements and strategic thinking, Review of Economic Research,2008,7P-2
  • Respect is the human resources management, Oriental culture,2007,10
  • A Review on the Three Reform Waves of the Human Capital Property Rights In China’s Enterprises, Research on Financial and Economic Issues,2007,7
  • Chinese enterprise human capital property right change wave and analyzes three times, Research on the problem of finance and economics,2007,7
  • Cost Sharing and Opportunity Equity of Higher Education in China, Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social Sciences),2007,1
  • Set up the concept of generalized pay, pay attention to the intrinsic motivation, the ministry of Labor and social security institute of labor wages, remuneration professional committee of China labor society, Labor wage dynamically,2006,10
  • Essentials of Economics of Human Development A Theoretic Extension of Amardya Sen's“ Development as Freedom”, Research on Financial and Economic Issues,2006,9
  • The macro system root causes and countermeasures of frequent mine, Economic research reference, 2006,54P-5
  • Enterprise human resource leasing management laws and regulations during the transitional period of environmental constraints, Hunan academy of social sciences,2006,1
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  • Human Capital Right and Chinese enterprise reform, Academic Forum, 2000.3
• Main Books
  • 《Human Capital and Economic Development》,Monograph, Beijing Normal University Publishing Group, July 2000 Edition. This is my doctoral dissertation, and was awarded the outstanding doctoral dissertation of Renmin University of China. Published book reviews on China Financial and Economic News, September 5, 2000 "reading" section. Won the National Book Award and the second National Book Award.
  • 《Human Capital Operation》, Monograph, Enterprise Management Publishing House, September 2001 Edition.
  • 《Essentials of Strategic Incentive: Modern Enterprise Human Resources Management》,Monograph, Economic Science Press, August 2002 edition.
  • 《Human Incentive Strategy: Overall Discussion of Modern Public Human Resources Development and Management》, Monograph, Economic Science Press, September 2003 Edition.
  • 《The pursuit of forever: China's entrepreneurs seeking long-term development case study behavior》, Monograph, Economic Science Press, August 2004 Edition.
  • 《Strategic Investment: Modern Organization Learning Oriented Human Resources Development》, Monograph, Economic Science Press, January 2005 Edition.
  • 《Essentials of Strategic Incentive: Modern Enterprise Human Resources Management》(Second Edition), Monograph, Economic Science Press, August 2005 Edition.
  • 《Economics of Human Development》, Monograph, Economic Science Press, September 2006 Edition. Book review: Professor Li Xiaoxi in 《Economic Theory and Business Management》 in 11th,2006.Introduction on 《The Beijing News 》weekly review" C24 version, December 8, 2006.
  • 《Human Capital: Based on the theoretical explanation of China Practice》,Beijing Normal University Publishing Group, July 2009 Edition.
  • 《Balanced Compensation Card: Beyond the BSC's new strategic management tool》,China CITIC Press,2015.12
• Published Research Report
  • 《The Power Of a Country Through Human Resources Strategy: A Report on China’s Human-oriented Development Strategy》,Economic Science Press, January 2011 Edition.
  • 《Employer Staffing Dilemma:2012 Report on China’s Human-oriented Development Research》,Economic Science Press, October 2012 Edition.
  • 《The Status Of Migrant Workers:2013 Report on China's Human-oriented Development Research》,Economic Science Press, November 2013 Edition.
  • 《Out Low Cost Trap: 2014 Report on China Human Development》,Economic Science Press, June 2014 Edition.
• Conference Papers/Presentations
  • 2000.11.26-28, Invited to guangzhou to participate in "international symposium on China's sustainable development ability construction".
  • 2001.6.1,In Japan, sakura merrill lynch,a professor at the university of visiting academic exchange conference entitled "the transformation of state-owned enterprise human capital operation problem research" speech, and answered the participants about the questions.
  • 2001.9.28-30, Were invited to attend the "national seminar" theory and practice of multivariate joint stock.
  • 2001.11.15-16, Was invited to the great hall of the people to participate in "entrepreneurs and senior experts BBS: the reform of state-owned enterprises attended the academic seminar on new ideas (2001).
• Accepted Paper
    Earlier in the domestic academia, made "people economics", "social science and technology theory", "three-domain reform strategy" and other theoretical perspectives and reform advocates, relevant research results have caused concern academia and government decision-making departments. Successively for national social science fund, the ford foundation and other scientific research projects. In the Economist, Economic Theory and Business Management, Research on Financial and Economic Issues, and other academic journals published more than 70 papers. Recorded on the Human Resource Management and Advertising two sets of teaching videos. Main representative works are: Strategic Investment: Modern Organization Learning Human Resource Development, The Pursuit of Forever: China's Entrepreneurs Seeking Long-term Development Case Study Behavior, and Humanistic Approach: The General Theory of Modern Public Human Resource Development and Management.