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LU Yuexiang

LU Yuexiang  Ph.D, Professor
Native Place: Beijing
Department of Economics
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 010-58804118
1996.09-1999.06 Ph.D. in Beijing Normal University
1984.09-1987.06 Master in Beijing Normal University
1978.09-1982.06 Bachelor in Beijing Normal University
Work Experience
Professor Beijing Normal University
Ph.D. Supervisor Beijing Normal University
(Visiting Scholar)
University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests
Chinese Economic System Reform and Economic Development
Consumer Behavior and psychology
The Reform of Chinese City Commercial Bank
Labor Market, etc.
Courses Taught
Consumer Behavior
Political Economy
Socialist Economic Theory(Undergraduate)
Consumer Behavior Analysis
Theory and Practice of Socialist Economy(MBA)
Research Projects
  • Consumer Behavior in Primary School and Secondary School, The “9th Five Year” planning project of Education Ministry, Host;
  • Research on the division and integration of Chinese Labor Market, The “9th Five Year” planning project of Education Ministry, Participator;
  • The Study of Transition for China from Planned Economy to Market Economy, The “9th Five Year” planning project of Education Ministry, Participator;
  • The Function Orientation of State-Owned Enterprises in Beijing, The “9th Five Year” planning project of Beijing, Participator;
  • The Research of sustainable tax revenue of Beijing under the background of changing Business Tax to Value-Added Tax. General project of philosophy and social science planning project of Beijing in 2013, Host.
• Main Journal Articles
  • Index System of the Competitiveness of Municipal Commercial Banks and the Countermeasures, Reform, 201201
  • The Review of Western Incentive Regulation Theory, China Business and Market, 201001
  • Urban Commercial Bank Reorganization Inducement or Integration, Reform, 201004
  • An Interpretation of Marx’s Value of Service Labor, Journal of Zhengzhou University, 201005
  • Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of China’s Logistics Tax System, China Business and Market, 201106
  • Analysis on the Competitiveness of Chinese City Commercial Banks, Economic Research Journal, 201109
  • On the Tax System with Growth Pattern: Characteristic Analysis on Tax System in China, Taxation and Economy, 201201
  • Personal Income Tax: Short Term Adjustment and Long Term Reform, Journal of Zhengzhou University, 201202
  • Frame of Establishing the Lifting Index System for Industry’s International Competitiveness, Commercial Research, 201203
  • A Theoretical Analysis on the Change and the Adjustment of Taxation Structure---Non - Equilibrium State, Change Subject and Development Path, 201205
  • Tax Structure, Value Flow and Economic Balance -- an Analytical Framework of Marx’s Economic, Studies on Marxism, 201207
  • On the Reform Approach of China’s Tax System under the Circumstances of the Transformation of the Pattern of Economy Development, China Business and Market, 201207
  • Research on Development Situation, International Experience and Reform Direction of Urban Commercial Banks, Journal of Shanghai Finance University, 200803
  • Comparative Study on the Development of Entrepreneurship Education in Universities between China and the USA, China Youth Study, 200805
  • International Experience on Disposal of Non-performing Assets(NPA) of the Banking Industry and Revelation for China, Journal of Shanghai Li Xin University of Commerce, 200701
  • Research on the Credit Mechanism, Monetary Multiplier and Avaiability of the Monetary Policy, China Business and Market, 200611
  • On the Study in Brand Awareness, Journal of China Youth University for Political Sciences, 200606
  • A Pricing Study of the MBO of Listed Companies in China: Quantization and Empirical Analysis of Contributions of Management and Premium of Control, Journal of Beijing Normal University, 200505
  • The Reform of China’s Commercial Banks: Strategic Focus and Obstacle Crossing, Economic Management Journal, 200411
  • The Challenge of China’s Style Management brought by Standard Management, Economic Management Journal, 200407
  • A Brief Analysis of the Repeated Construction Problem for Metropolitan Area Network, Enterprise Reform and Management, 200404
  • An Explorative Analysis of the Incentive Mechanism in State-owned Enterprises, Technology Supervision in Petroleum Industry, 200404
  • Build up Monopoly Competition Market of China’s Commercial Banking, China Statistics, 200403
• Books
  • The Study of China’s City Commercial Bank, Economic Science Press, 2010.07
  • The Nature and Reform of China’s Tax System, Economic Science Press, 2012.09
  • Consumer Behavior, China Statistics Press, 2005.01
  • Advertising and Consumer Psychology, People’s Education Press, 2011.02
  • Enterprise Vitality and Social Security, Guizhou People’s Publishing House, 1998.12
  • Functional Orientation and Institutional Innovation, Guizhou People’s Publishing House, 1998.12