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QU Ruxiao

QU Ruxiao  Ph.D., Professor
Native Place: Shandong Province
Department of International Economics and Trade
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 0086 58805292
1999-2002 Ph.D. in World Economics, Business School of Beijing Normal University
1988-1991 Master in World Economics, Economics Department of Shandong University
1984-1988 Bachelor in Economics, Business School of Beijing Normal University
Work Experience
2003- Professor, Business School, Beijing Normal University
2002-2004 Postdoctoral, School of Environmental Sciences, Beijing Normal University
2002-2003 Professor, Economics Department of Shandong University
1996-2002 Assistant Professor, Economics Department of Shandong University
1994-1996 Lecturer, Economics Department of Shandong University
Research Interests
Environment and International trade
Culture and Globalization, etc.
Courses Taught Introduction of China's foreign trade(Undergraduate)
Customs Practice (Undergraduate)
Forum of International Trade (Graduate)
Professional Societies/Activities
Researcher, APEC Research Center, Nankai University
Member of China Society of World Economics
Member of China Association of International Trade
Research Projects
  • “Path to promote the international competitiveness of culture goods in Beijing”, Beijing Social Science Fund (2015), (15JGA019)
  • “The impact of cultural acceptance on size and structure of foreign students”, Beijing Social Science Fund (2014), (ADA14116)
  • “Research on the Interaction of Cultural Diversity and China’s Cultural Products Trade”, National Social Science Fund (2013),(13AJL009)
  • “The Fairness and Welfare Effect of Fair Trade”, The Ministry of Education for Philosophy and Social Science Fund(2012), (12JHQ032)
  • “Partnering Opportunities between Europe and China in the Renewable Energies and Environmental Industries”, Marie Curie Project of European Union (2012),PIRSES-GA-2012-318908
  • "The Dynamic Policy Choice for Carbon Tax and its Impact on Trade and Environment",National Social Science Fund (2010)( 10BJL043)
  • "The Empirical Study on the Culture Distance Impact on China's Trade", Social Science planning Program, Ministry of Education of China, (2009) (09YJA790017)
  • "The Study on Promotion Measures for International Movie and TV Program Trade", The State Administration of Radio Film and Television (2009) (GD125)
  • "The Study on Ethical Trade Problems", Social Science planning Program, Ministry of Education of China, (2006) (06JA790009)
  • “The Countermeasures for Trade Barrier under WTO Framework”,National Social Science Fund, (2005) (05BGJ003)
  • “Indicator System for China's International Trade” , National Major Project for Statistical Science, (2005) (LX2005-03)
  • "The Study on International Competitiveness of Shandong's Export Enterprises", Shandong provincial Major Project for Social Science ,(2002) (02CJJ02 )
  • “Environmental Protection Standard ISO14000 and Shandong's International Trade”,Provincial Technological Development Project of Shandong, (2002) (A200209-3)
Honors and Awards
  • The Second Prize for Excellent Achievement of Philosophy and Social Sciences, for“ Trade and Environment: Theory and Policy”(2012)
  • China Women for Economic Innovation(2011)
  • Beijing Municipal Higher Education Teaching Achievement(2005)
  • The 17th Provincial Social Science Award of Shandong, for the article“On the EU Trade Policy of Protection”(2002)
  • The 5th Young and middle-aged academic backbone of Shandong Province(2001)
  • The 13h Provincial Social Science Award of Shandong, for the article“On the Economic Opening Degree Index (1998)
  • Philosophy and Social Science Award for Shandong Provincial Education Committee, for the article“International Environmental Protection Trend Influence on Foreign Trade and Countermeasures”(1998)
• Main Journal Articles
  • “Cultural Differences, Trade Costs and Chinese Cultural Exports”, World Economy, vol.9, 2015
  • “Local Market Effects, Factor Endowment, Trade in Chinese Cultural Products”, Economics and Management Analysis, vol.5, 2015
  • “Review of Culture Diversity Measurements”, Heilongjiang Social Science, vol.8, 2014
  • “National Income, Price Level and Provincial Government's Public Expenditure on Culture”, Economic Theory and Economic Management, vol. 6, 2014
  • Has Trade Opening Promoted or Restraining the Culture of a Country?  Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Science), 2014(6)
  • “What Are the Key Factors Affecting Cultural Products Trade--Empirical Evidence From the OECD Countries”, Journal of International Trade, vol.11, 2013
  • “The Development of China's Book Copyright Trade and Its Countermeasures”, International Economic Cooperation, vol.12, 2013
  • “Technical Progress, Economic Growth, Carbon Emission: Theoretical and Empirical Research”, World Economy, vol.7, 2012
  • “The Research Progress of Initial Emission Rights Allocation Mechanism of Carbon Emissions Trading System”, Economic Perspectives, vol.6, 2012
  • “The Influence of Technical Progress on China's Carbon Emissions: An Empirical Research Based on Vector Error Correction Model”, China Soft Science Magazine, vol.6, 2012
  • “Examining the Impact of Demographic Factors on Regional Carbon Emission: An Empirical Study Based on Chinese Provincial Panel Data”, Population & Economics, vol.3, 2012
  • “Food Mile and International Trade”, International Economic Cooperation, vol.8, 2011
  • “Study on Welfare Effects of Carbon Motivated Border Tax Adjustment”, China Population Resources and Environment, vol.4,2011
  • “An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Cultural Distance on Trade of Chinese Cultural Products”,Heilongjiang Social Sciences, vol.4,2011
  • An analysis on the regional selection and influencing factors of international students in china, Higher Education Research, vol.3,2011
  • “The Factors on Trade of Chinese Cultural Products—An Empirical Analysis based on Panel Data”,China Soft Science, vol.11,2010
  • The International Carbon Market Development and Its Enlightenment to China”, Social Science Abroad, vol.11,2010
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  • “on the global carbon market mechanism’s perfect and the Countermeasures of China”, Asia-Pacific economy, vol.4, 2010
  • Moral Purchasing in the asymmetric information problem and countermeasure”, Economic Affairs" vol.4, 2010
  • “Strategic Studies on Sino-Japanese Trade Promotion and Climate Cooperation under Low-Carbon Economy”, Journal of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, vol.3, 2010
  • the United States Environmental Effects of Service Trade -- to Export as the Example”, World Economy Situation, vol.3, 2010
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• Books
  • “Customs Declaration Practice(The 2nd Edition)”, Beijing Normal University Press (2013)
  • “Chinese Foreign Trade Introduction(The 3nd Edition)”, China Machine Press (2012)
  • “The Trade Barriers in WTO Framework”,Beijing Normal University Press (2010)
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