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SHEN Chang'e

SHEN Chang’e Ph.D., Professor
Native Place: Hunan Province
Department of Accouting
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
2001-2005 Ph.D. in management
1984-1987 Master in economic
1980-1984 Bachelor in economic
Work Experience
1987.8-1998.8 Finance and Economics Department of Shanxi University. Teacher(on financial accounting and managerial accounting)
1998.9-2000.4 Accounting Department of Shanxi University. Teacher(on financial management and managerial accounting)
2000.4-2003.1 Accounting Department of Xi 'an Jiaotong University. Teacher(on financial management and managerial accounting)
2003.1- Now Business School of Beijing Normal University. Teacher
Research Interests
The company's financial management
Fiscal and taxation policies and technological Innovation
Courses Taught

Financial Management( Undergraduate Students)
Managerial Accounting( Graduate Students)

Tax Law( Undergraduate Students)

Professional Societies/Activities
Mumber of Chinese Accounting Association,Expert of finance and tax expert committee of  Posts and Telecom Press
Social Service/Work

Non-practicing member of Certified Public Accountant
The independent director of the listed company
The independent director of the fund management company

Research Projects
  • Research on financial support policies of promoting science and technology(The national social science fund. 2010).
  • Research on fiscal and taxation policy of promoting low-carbon consumption in Beijing (The social science fund of Beijing. 2013).
  • “Financial and Tax Incentives, Intellectual Capital Appreciation and Technological Innovation for Beijing”. 2016.
• Main Journal Articles
  • Shen chang’e. Reasons of Chinese Tax Burden Differences between Regions. Statistics Research. 2006.11. CSSCI
  • Shen chang’e. Effect of FDI and Import Trade on Chinese Technology Spillover——Based on the Comparison of Western Powers and the Four Asian Tigers. Renmin University Photocopying.2008.6. CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Research Based on the Sharing Scientific Instruments and Equipment Investment Management System. Science and Technology of Chinese BBS. 2009.3.CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Effect of Asia and Pacific Developed Economy on Chinese Technology Spillover——Based on the Extension CH Model. Science and Technology Management Research. 2009.6. CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Research on the Government Investment Project Evaluation Method——Science and Technology Projects. Soft science. 2009.9.CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Research on Tax Incentive Policy of Venture Investment. Finance Research. 2010.11,CSSCI
  • Shen chang’e. Finance Operation Mechanism of the Sharing Scientific Instruments and Equipment. Science and Technology of Chinese BBS. 2010.1,CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. The Rationality Judgment of the R&D Mode in China. Contemporary Economic Science. 2012.2.CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Research on Tax Policy of Technology Progress. Soft Science. 2007.4,CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Effect of Two Taxation System Combining in China on the Foreign Direct Investment. Science and Technology of Chinese BBS. 2012,9,CSSCI.
  • Shen chang’e. Comparation of Carbon Tax with Carbon Trading Mechanism and Joint Application Design. Finance Research. 2014.11.CSSCI
  • Shen chang’e. The causes and salvation ways of financial distress companies—An empirical research of the listed companies in china, Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing 2006.10.
  • Shen Chang’e. Schematic Design of Carbon Tax and Trading Mechanism Comparison and Their Combined Application. Public Finance Research. November. 2014.


    Fiscal Taxation Policy’s Influence on People’s Low-Carbon Consumption Behavior——Based on An Empirical Study of a Questionnaire on Beijing’s Residents. Taxation Research. February. 2016.

  • Supply Chain Integration, Operational Capital Management and Capital Structure. Academic Forum. March. 2017.

• Books
Shen chang’e.
Fiscal policies of promoting science and technology——based on the research of innovation value chain. Beijing: economic science press. Feb.,2014.

Technological Innovation and Fiscal Taxation Policy. Economic Science Press. April. 2016.

Accepted Paper
  • Shen chang’e. Project host. Fiscal policies of promoting the science and technology. Post-project report of the national social science fund project(2013).
    This paper is selected into the tenth album of 《Results of the National Social Science Fund Project results》,which is edited by the National Planning Office of Philosophical and Social Sciences. 2014.(General published one album a year.).
  • A Research on Beijing’s Fiscal Taxation Policy of Promoting Low-Carbon Consumption. (a ministerial and provincial-level testimonial was granted for it by the Beijing Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences on Dec, 2015.)