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XING Chunbing

XING Chunbing  Ph.D., Professor

Business School,Beijing Normal University

19 XinJieKouWai Dajie, Beijing, China, 100875

Phone : +86-10-5880-4087

E-mail :

2001.09-2006.07 Ph.D. In Economics,  Guanghua School of Management,Peking University
1996.09-2000.07 B.A. in Management, China Agricultural University
Work Experience
2014.09- Professor, Beijing Normal University
2010.03- Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
2017.09-2018.08 University of Western Ontario,Visiting Professor
2013.06-2013.09 University of Western Ontario,Post-Doctoral Fellow
2013.04-2014.12 Beijing Normal University, Department Chair
2011.01-2011.12 University of Western Ontario, Post-doctoral fellow
2010.01-2010.12 University of Western Ontario, visiting scholar
2009.07-2014.06 Beijing Normal University, associate professor
2006.08-2009.06 Beijing Normal University, assistant professor
2008.06-2008.07 OECD Development Centre, visiting scholar
Research Field

Migration, Income and Wage Inequality, Human Capital and Training, Economic Development

Courses Taught

2013.02~2013.07 Intermediate Microeconomics, Micro-econometrics

2012.02~2012.07 Intermediate Microeconomics, Micro-econometrics

2009.09~2009.12 Political Economy, Financial Econometrics

2009.02~2009.07 Intermediate Microeconomics, Urban and Regional Econ.

2008.09~2009.01 Political Economy, Financial Econometrics

2008.02~2008.06 Intermediate Microeconomics, Economics Principles

2007.09~2008.01 Political Economy, Financial Econometrics

2007.03~2007.07 Intermediate Microeconomics

2006.09~2007.02 Intermediate Microeconomics, Econometrics

Professional Societies/Activities
Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Social Service/Work


China Economic Quarterly (Jingjixue Jikan, Chinese);Economic Research (Jingji Yanjiu, Chinese);World Economic Papers (Shijie Jingji Wenhui, Chinese); China Labor Economics (Zhongguo Laodong Kexue, Chinese); South China Journal of Economy (Nanfang Jingji, Chinese); Journal of Financial Research (Jinrong Yanjiu, Chinese); China Economic Review; Journal of Population Economics; Papers in Regional Science; Journal of Regional Science; Economic Modelling; Applied Economics; Economic Systems.

Research Projects

"TA-8234 REG: Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2013-2014 - Economist (42369-014)"Asian Development Bank, 2015, $13,000

"Human Capital and Urbanization in China," Asian Development Bank, 2014, $13000.

"Technological Change, Occupational Structure and Income Distribution in Urban China," National Natural Science Fund, Jan 2012 - Dec 2014,No.: 71103019 (Principle investigator)

"Migration, Self-selection, and Income Distribution: Evidence from Rural and Urban China", IDRC/CIGI Young China Scholars Poverty Research Network (Principle investigator)

"The Effect of Migration and Training on Poverty Reduction", (Principle investigator: Prof. Li Shi). August, 2012.
Honors and Awards
Jing Shi Ying Cai Awards, 2013
Jing Shi Ying Cai Awards, 2014

In English


“Education Expansion, Assortative Marriage, and Income Inequality in China,” China Economic Review, 2019, 55: 37-51. (with Haifeng Nie)

“Do Trade Unions Reduce Gender Earnings Differentials? Evidence from Employer-Employee Matched Data in China,” Pacific Economic Review. 2019.  (with Jing Liu and Yuhao Ge)

“Education Development and Wage Inequality in Urban China,” Asian Economic Papers, 17(2), 2018. (with Shi Li and Shanshan Wu)

“The Medium-Run Effect of China's Higher Education Expansion on the Unemployment of College Graduates,” China Economic Review, 2017. (with Peng Yang and Zhilong Li)

“Does Migrating with Children Influence Migrants’ Occupation Choice and Income?” Journal of Asia and Pacific Economy, 2017, 22(1): 156-172. (with Yinheng Wei).

“The Preference for Larger Cities in China: Evidence from Rural-Urban Migrants,” China Economic Review, Jan. 2017. (with Junfu Zhang)

“Migrate for education: an unintended effect of school district combination,” China Economic Review, Sept. 2016, 40(9): 192–206. (with Jing Liu)

“Population adjustments in response to local demand shifts in China,” Journal of Housing Economics, Vol 33, Sept. 2016, Pages 101–114, also appears as IZA Discussion Paper No. 9063, May 2015. (with Dongdong Luo)

“Regional variation of the minimum wages in China,” IZA Journal of Labor and Development, 2016, 5:8, DOI: 10.1186/s40175-016-0054-x (with Jianwei Xu).

“Ownership Restructuring and Wage Inequality in Urban China,” International Labour Review, 155(1): 57-72, 2016 (with John Whalley).

“The Role of Life Insurance in an Emerging Economy: Human Capital Protection or Asset Allocation?” Journal of Banking & Finance, 50(1): 19-33, 2015. (with Xiaojun Shi and Hung-Jen Wang).

“Are Migrants Discriminated Against in Chinese Urban Labour Markets?” IZA Journal of Labor and Development, 2014, 3:17. (with Jason Gagnon and Theodora Xenogiani)

“The Sustainability of Chinese Growth and Factor Substitution Elasticities,” forthcoming in The Economics of Transition, with John Whalley. (A previous version appears as CESifo Working Paper #3736.)

“Migration, Self-selection, and Income Distributions: Evidence from Rural and Urban China,” The Economics of Transition, 22(3): 539–576, July 2014.

“The Regional Distribution of the Skill Premia in Urban China and its Implications for Growth and Inequality,” International Labour Review, 153(3): 395-420. (with J. Whalley).

“China’s Higher Education Expansion and Unemployment of College Graduates,” China Economic Review, (with S. Li and J. Whalley), DOI: 10.1016/j.chieco.2013.08.002.

“Residual Wage Inequality in Urban China, 1995–2007,” China Economic Review, 2012, 23(2): 205-222. (with S. Li)

“Changes in Job Structure and Rising Wage Inequality in Urban China, 1995–2007,” Frontiers of Economics in China, 2012, 7(2): 305-337.


In Chinese


(with Shuyan Jia, Shi Li) “Technological Change, Return to Education, and Gender Wage Differentials in Urban China,” Research in Labor Economics (Laodong Jingji Yanjiu), No. 3, 2014.

(with Chunding Li) “Technological Change, Computer Use and Declining Labor Share: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Enterprises,” Journal of Financial Research (Jinrong Yanjiu), No. 12, 2013.

(with Shuyan Jia, Shi Li) “Regional Distribution of the Return to Education for Rural-to-Urban Migrants and Its Impact on Migration,” Economic Research Journal (Jingji Yanjiu), No. 11, 2013.  

“Education Expansion, Migration and Rural-Urban Education Gap: A Case Study on the Effect of University Expansion,” China Economic Quarterly (Jingjixue Jikan), 2013, 13(1): 207-232.

(with Jingjun Liu) “Performances Pay and Wage Differentials: Evidence from Rural Migrant Worker’s Wage in Pearl River Delta,” South China Journal of Economy (Nanfang Jingji), No. 10, 2012.

(with Jing Yu, Jing Liu) “Income Inequality and Female Marriage Decision in Urban China,” South China Journal of Economy (Nanfang Jingji), No. 9, 2012.

“Regional Economic Development and Political Participation,” Nanjing Business Review (Nanda Shangxue Pinglun), 2012, 9(2): 84-99.

(with Chuliang Luo) “Trust and Political Participation: Turnout Behavior of Urban Residents in the Election of Local Congress Representatives,” World Economic Papers (Shijie Jingji Wenhui), No. 4, 2011.

“Participation Cost, Heterogeneity and Stock Market Investment: Empirical Evidence from Urban China,” South China Journal of Economy (Nanfang Jingji), No. 8, 2011.

(with Yi Liu and Haifeng Nie) “The Labor Supply Effect of Individual Income Tax Expense Deduction Reform,” Finance and Trade Economics (Caimao Jingji), No. 6, 2010.

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(with Chuliang Luo) “Income Gap between Migrants and Urban Residents, Evidence from Semi-parametric Approach,” Quantitative and Technical Economics (Shuliang Jingji Jishu Jingji Yanjiu), No. 11, 2009.

“Job Mobility and Wage Growth,” South China Journal of Economy (Nanfang Jingji), No. 11, 2008.

“Quantile Regression, Return to Education, and Income Distribution,” Statistical Research (Tongji Yanjiu), No. 5, 2008.

“From Xiahai to Xiagang: Economic Transition and Wage Distribution of Sectors with Different Ownerships,” Management World (Guanli Shijie), No. 6, 2007.

“Intergenerational Mobility of Off-Farm Job Opportunities in Rural China,” Economic Research Journal (Jingji Yanjiu), September, 2006.

(with Yuyu Chen) “Rural Modernization and the Role of Education in Rural Labor Market,” Economic Research Journal (Jingji Yanjiu), August 2004.

 Working Papers, Book Chapters, and Other Publications

“Human Capital and Urbanization in the People’s Republic of China,” ADBI Working Paper No. 603.

“Human Capital and Wage Determination in Different Ownerships, 1989–97,” in Wan Guanghua (ed.), Understanding Inequality and Poverty in China: Methods and Applications, Palgrave Macmillan, Feb., 2008.

“Wage Determination and Returns to Education in Different Ownerships of China: Evidence from Quantile Regressions,” Frontiers of Economics in China, Volume 2, Number 1, March, 2007, 114-136.

“Human Capital, Rural Industrialization and China’s Labor Market in 1990s,” in Song Shunfeng and Chen Aiming (eds.), China's Rural Economy after WTO: Problems and Strategies, Ashgate Publishing House, UK, July 2006. (with Yuyu Chen)

(with Jason, Gagnon and Theodora Xenogiani) “Are all Migrants Really Worse-off? New Empirical Evidence from China,” OECD Development Centre Working Paper, No. 278, 2009.

(with John Whalley) “The Regional Distribution of Skill Premia in Urban China,” NBER Working Paper, No. 16575, Dec 2010

(with John Whalley) “The Sustainability of Chinese Growth and the Aggregate Factor Substitution Elasticity,” CESifo Working Paper No. 3736, 2012.

(with John Whalley) “Ownership Restructuring and Wage Inequality in Urban China,” Working Paper, 2011.

(with Junfu Zhang) “The Preference for Larger Cities in China: Evidence from Rural-Urban Migrants,” Working Paper, 2012.