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China Mobile Communications Research Institute “Business Negotiation” Courses Successfully Held in Beijing Normal University Business School

On November the 27th of 2015, the “Business Negotiation” courses of China Mobile Communications Research Institute was organized in Beijing Normal University Jing Shi Building 9408. This is the second series of training courses that BNU Business School organized for the China Mobile Communications Research Institute. 

The course started as Ms. Zheng Xiaoling, the Business Development Division leader of China Mobile Communications Research Institute gave a welcome speech to all attendants. After introducing the program background and position, she expressed that she hopes participants could acquire business negotiation knowledge and techniques through this training program, to use them in their actual work, promote personal ability as well as corporate development.

From the viewpoint of negotiator standards and negotiation connotation, this program focused on aspects such as: the professional quality and characteristics that negotiators should acquire; business negotiation essentials and preparation; communication and competition; bargaining methods and techniques, as well as negotiation closure. Among which, certain strategies have demonstrated its particular importance, including: discovering demands, creating expectations, actual assurance, trust building and assumptive deals…ect. Video samples were played during the training session, allowing participants to feel the techniques and charm of negotiation through detailed and vivid analysis.

The students were divided in groups to simulate a business negotiation in the last interactive section. During which, participants fully demonstrated that they have mastered the negotiation strategies and techniques which they learned. This program ended after the discussion session, which participants communicated with each other and their teacher; all expressing that they have gained a lot from this valuable experience.