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China Mobile Communications Research Institute “Marketing Training” Courses Organized in Beijing Normal University Business School

On December the 18th of 2014, the Market Training courses for China Mobile Communications Research Institute was organized in Beijing Normal University Jingshi Building. Over 30 marketing talents from the Business Development Division of China Mobile Communications Research Institute attended this program.


Ms. Zheng Xiaoling, the Business Development Division leader of China Mobile Communications Research Institute gave a welcome speech to all attendants. After generally introducing the program background and courses, she expressed that she hopes all attendants could learn new skills and methods through systemized training and study, use what they have learned into their actual work, thus promoting their personal growth and encourage organization development.


Mr. Wang began his class on “To the Customer - Customer Analysis and Marketing Practice” at 9:40. The courses lasted for two days. Mr. Wang mainly focused on five subjects, including: customer analysis, marketing mentality, customer communication skills, consultative selling and negotiation. Various teaching methods were adapted, including case discussion and personality assessment. The attendants expressed that they feel these courses are highly practical, which is very inspiring to their work. 

The first session of relevant courses ended on December the 19th. Ms. Zheng Xiaoling thanked all participants for their devotion and earnest attitude; thanked Mr.Wang for his practical courses and thanked BNU Business School for their professional program design and thoughtful arrangement. After-class survey showedthat participant satisfaction reached as high as 95%, which is a solid foundation for the further cooperation of BNU Business School and China Mobile Communications Research Institute.